Demand Concerns Temper Prices Despite Supply Crunch

Spiking Prices & Labor Shortages Complicate Energy Outlook

NYMEX flirts with Double Digit Increases on Vaccine Approval, Weaker Dollar

Uptick in COVID Cases & Strengthening Dollar Push Prices Down

High Outputs, High Case Numbers, and Low Economic Growth Crush Refined Product Prices

EIA Draws Slow COVID Resurgence Induced Sell Offs

Prices Rally as EIA Reports Say Lower Inventory, Higher Demand

OPEC+ Production Reversal signals Economic Optimism, Props Prices

Oil Spikes on OPEC+ Agreement

Despite Friday Drops, Gains for the Week on NYMEX

New COVID Strain Stops the Spread of Price Rally

NYMEX Ends the Week on a Calm Note

Markets Soar on Vaccine News, Presidential Transition

Markets Up on Second Stimulus Hopes, Unemployment Numbers

Double Hurricane Threat Spikes Markets

Oil & Stock Markets Plummeting on Trump Travel Ban

Price War! Oil drops 24% on Saudi Reversal & Continued Economic Carnage from Coronavirus

Oil Tanks 10% on No OPEC Deal & Continued Pandemic Fears

Markets Up on OPEC+ Hope and Coronavirus Slowdown

Crude drops 15% in January

US-China Trade Deal Keeps Markets Range Bound

De-Escalation Walks Back Overnight Oil Gains

2020 Starts with Surging on Iran Strikes

Inventories & Rumored OPEC+ Cuts Boost Oil Prices

Mixed Market Week on Same Old Concerns

Supply vs. Demand Concerns Temper Early Gains

EIA Data drops prices, but OPEC cuts loom ahead of Aramco IPO

NYMEX spikes in wake of Saudi Arabia attacks

Talk of Easing Iran Sanctions Trumps Crude Draws

Today's Market = John Bolton Firing vs OPEC Cuts

Crude, Refined Products Jump on Tariff Delays

NYMEX Drops Again on EIA Data

Markets Tumble on Trade War Tensions

Markets Rebound After Thursday's Slide

NYMEX Plunges on Fed Rates, Supply, Tariff Tweets

Iran Seizes Tankers in Strait of Hormuz

Inventories & Gulf Storm threat push NYMEX higher

G20 Summit Answers Looming Market Questions

EIA Data, Refinery Closures & International Tensions Spike NYMEX

Refinery Explosion & Iran/US Escalations Push Prices Up

Markets Spike on Vessel Attacks near Strait of Hormuz

WTI Hits Lows on Inventory & Projection Data

OPEC vs "NOPEC" Drama Pushes NYMEX Up

EIA Levels Push Gas Lower, Distillates Hang Steady Ahead of IMO Change Questions

OPEC output keeps upward price pressure on, while PDVSA sanctions have little impact

Today's Takeaways from the EIA Short Term Energy Outlook

Crude Poised to End 2018 Down 20%

Markets Reverse on Strong Demand Signals

NYMEX Plummets on Renewed Fears of Supply Glut

OPEC+ Production Agreement Spikes NYMEX

Dow Collapse Pushes Prices Down Despite Storm & Supply Concerns

Projected Draws & Hurricane Fears Push Prices Higher

OPEC Concerns Trump EIA Numbers to Drop Crude Prices

EIA Long Term Projections Dampen Inventory Effects

EIA Draws Keep NYMEX Boosted; Venezuelan Vote & Sanctions Loom on the Horizon

2017s Largest Rally Hits on OPEC & US Production Projections

U.S. Inventory Projections Slow Today's NYMEX Losses

Benchmarks & OPEC & Hurricanes, Oh My

OPEC "Deal" and Inventory Draws Prop Up NYMEX

Dramatic Inventory Drawdowns Pump Up Prices

Dwindling OPEC Agreement Hopes Reverse Rally

OPEC & Inventories Close Out August NYMEX in Bearish Territory

BREXIT Surprise Sends Financial, Oil Markets Reeling

Crude Breaks $51 on Nigerian Explosions, US Inventories

Today's Tumble Offsets a Quieter Week for Crude

Surprise Move by Iran on OPEC Deal Rallies CRUDE

CRUDE Rallies Despite Record Inventories

Rally Reverses on Iraq Output, Continuing Glut

Crude Hits New Lows After Hopeful Bounce Overnight

Below $30! Crude, Stocks Crash on Iranian Supply and Weak Economics

Will Crude Break $30? Will RBOB follow ULSD Below $1?

Stocks & Oil Markets Take a Wild Ride Into 2016

OPEC Holds Firm on Output Levels

IEA Forecasts and Inventory Numbers Push Commodities Closer to New Lows

The Bears Have It - EIA Report Slashes Tuesday's Gains

Monday Sinks on Demand, Tuesday Surges on Supply

Two to Contango - Weather & Supply Crush WTI & Nat Gas

Crude ends the Week in the Red on Strong Dollar, Supply

Crude Rallies Again on Escalation in Syria & Uncertainty in Iran

Crude Reverses Early Gains on Surprise Inventory Data

Crude jumps 4.9% on Rising Tensions, Dropping Rig Counts, and Russia

Russia, OPEC and a Weaker Dollar - Oh my!

Standing Headline: Fed Talks,Chinese Economic Data Pummel Stocks,Crude

Fed Uncertainty and Major Layoffs Spook Wall Street  

Fed Holds Interest Rates, Oil Drops after Wednesday's Gains

Lackluster Jobs Data Crushes Stocks, Crude

Gains After Another Black Monday - Dead Cat Bounce or Rebound?

Stocks Officially in Correction, Oil Trades Under $40

Inventories & Iran Continue to Pummel Crude Prices

#TBT - Crude Prices This Year vs. Last

Chinese Currency Devaluation Slams Stocks, Boosts Commodities

Oil Bounces Back Today, But Talking Heads Say "Not for Long"

Oil Slides on Economic Data, Dragging Stocks Along for the Ride

Greece Nears Default, Sends Global Stocks & Commodity Prices Reeling

NYMEX reacts to Projected Crude Draws

EIA Projections for 2015 & 2016 Released Today

NYMEX See-Saws on Inventories and Profit Taking

NYMEX, WTI Jump on Shale Slow Down & Inventory Concerns

NYMEX Spikes on Escalation in Yemen

RBOB Heats Up on EIA Inventory Shortfall

NYMEX Slows Acceleration after Yesterday's Spikes

Job Reports, Inventories & International Issues Keep Volatility Going

Reminder: Vermont Tax Change Effective Tomorrow 4/1

Inventories and Saudi Market Moves Continue to Push Oil Prices Down

Saudi's to Stay the Course Despite New Leadership

The Swiss Rock Stocks, NYMEX Goes Along for the Ride

Commodity Slide Continues Into 2015

Wild Week on Wall Street & The NYMEX; Everything Keeps on Tumbling!

NYMEX Keeps Sliding on Dollar, Iraq, Margin Rates, and The Fed

Commodities Rally after Record Drops, up 3% on Crude

Double Black Friday - Commodities & Spending Both Dropped Off

OPEC Decision Puts NYMEX into Free Fall - Gas Closes Under $2!

NYMEX Tanking Despite Inventory Draws

NYMEX Flips on EIA Data, Stocks Continue to Surge

Stocks Rebound on Election, Energy Shares Continue to Falter on Cheap Crude

Election Day Free Fall for WTI, Stocks

Goldman Sachs Cuts Price Forecast for Oil: Projects $75/bbl Benchmark

OPEC Chatter Drives up BRENT, Friday Trading Reverses CRUDE Rally

OPEC Tensions and "Break Even" Testing Pause NYMEX Dropoff

Retail & Market Prices Drop on Crude Supply & Pricing

IMF News, Germany, and the Dollar Pushing Markets Down

Monday Puts the Brakes on Friday's NYMEX drops

Commodities, Stocks and Consumer Confidence Drop

Targeting ISIS - Oil Prices & Air Strikes

Inventory Shocker Reverses the RBOB Slide

Stocks Knocked Down on Jobless Numbers, NYMEX Slides Along With It

Stocks Slide, Energy Rebounds, and MH17 Fallout Intensifies International Standoffs

International Issues Increase, but Positive Domestic News Keeps Futures Stable

NYMEX Continues Losing Streak Despite New Middle East Concerns

Iraqi Turmoil Rocks the NYMEX

BREAKING - Iraq Escalates - Militants Seize Tikrit, Target Baiji Oil Refinery

OPEC, Iraq, Inventories & Political Upsets Rattle Wall Street & Commodity Prices

Sino-Russian Gas Deal, Ukrainian Post Election Violence, and Contracting US GDP Numbers - Oh My!

Libya, Labor Participation, & GDP Woes Keep NYMEX Positive Despite Projected Inventory Builds

Commodities and Stocks See-Saw on Sanctions, EIA Numbers, Unemployment, and Tech Dissapointments

WTI Drops Big (Again) on Expected Builds

Markets Up on Ukraine Tensions, Inventory Projections, and Chinese Economic Data

Surprise CRUDE Inventory Drops Catch Analysts Off Guard - but NYMEX Holds on to Week's Losses

Crude Continues to Drop on Supply Estimates & Manufacturing Speculations

Houston & Ukraine Concerns Drive Early Week's Market Swings

"Polar Vortex" saw Nat Gas hit Record Highs

Futures Firm After Almost 2 Week Correction

Distillate Inventories Carry Futures Higher

Renewed Global Concerns Reverse Tuesday's Futures Sell Off

Futures Continue to Rebound After Early Week Sell Off

Markets React to Syrian Conflict and Implications of US Intervention

NYMEX Futures End Positive for Fifth Straight Session

Don't Forget! MA Gas & Diesel Tax Rate Change Effective Today!

Springfield MA to Lose 100+ Jobs Over Service Interruptions

Bulls Remain in Control of Markets

Bullish DOE Report Causes Futures Slide

Futures Turn on Stimulus Talk

NYMEX Makes an About-Face on Jobs Report

NYMEX Tumbles as Markets eye Italian Election

Futures Continue to Rise as Supply Questions Loom

NYMEX Stays Range Bound with Strong Pull Back

Futures Rise as Cliff gets Less Steep and DOE's Draw

Different Day, Same Headline as Futures Retreat

Burke Oil Aids FEMA in Storm Restoration

New England braces for "Frankenstorm" - Is your Generator Ready?

NYMEX Collapses as Last Weeks Gains Erased

Futures Move Higher as Stimulus Plan Takes Shape

Refinery Explosion and Storm Fears Push RBOB Higher

Futures Spike on Bullish DOE Numbers

Weekly DOE Petroleum Snapshot

Spanish Banking Bailout causes Stir, Only to Falter

Wild May Ends in Wild Fashion with HEAT retracement

European Zone Crisis pushes Futures Lower

Morning Losses Erased with Jobs News

RBOB Continues Plunge as HEAT Stalls

NYMEX Surges with Better Than Expected Growth

Futures Continue to Rise as All Eyes on Iran

NYMEX continues higher ahead of DOE data

FOMC Stance pushes Commodities Higher

Late Rally pushed Futures higher ahead of the Close

NYMEX Stumbles with Stonger Dollar

RBOB surges, HEAT ends lower

Late session sell off pushes Futues into the Red

Futures Slip with Mixed Inventory Report

NYMEX Remains Volatile with Ghadaffi Death

Values rise on sixth day on European debt news

Futures surge on proposed European debt plan

Massive Crude Draw Overshadowed by MOC news

NYMEX dips ahead of Presidential Speech, DOE's Mixed

Futures relatively stable as storms pop up

Futures end mix as FED disappoints, Irene lurks

NYMEX sways with data and storm

Futures Plunge as Data shows Economy Soft

Flat Demand and Gasoline draw push NYMEX

NYMEX rebounds with Bullish Inventories

It's Deja Vu All Over Again - Commodities React to Downgrade

Dollar Surges, Nymex and DOW plummet

Futures Dip as GDP Report Shows Flat Economy

Crude Rises as Products Fade in Late Sell Off

Futures shed value, outpaced by Crude

NYMEX jumps as Greece Debt vote Looms

Market Tumbling Update

Greece Debt Crisis pushes Nymex Lower

Positive Sales and Demand Data boosts RBOB

Futures Continue to Rebound on Two Week Rally

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