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Why Dennis K Burke?


At Dennis K Burke, our commitment to the marine industry extends beyond simple delivery services. With decades of experience under our belts, we've become a trusted name for marine operations throughout the Northeast, ensuring that every need is met with precision and reliability. Our extensive fleet of trucks and strategic supply deals, positions us as a pivotal player in marine logistics.

Our expertise is further underscored by our Coast Guard Certification, allowing us to perform Over the Water deliveries spanning from the Canadian Border through Long Island Sound. 

As the largest distributor of Valvtect in the Northeast, we bring additional value to our clients, offering top-tier marine fuel additives that are crucial for the optimal performance and longevity of marine engines. We've supplied hundreds of Marinas over the years, so our reps have the expertise to walk through exactly what options would work best for your operation.

With our extensive network, specialized capabilities, and unwavering commitment to safety, Dennis K Burke stands unmatched in the realm of marine and vessel deliveries. Our team, armed with knowledge, experience, and is dedicated to delivering not just fuel, but peace of mind, Trust us to navigate the complexities of marine logistics, delivering a seamless experience tailored to the unique needs of each vessel and operation.

With Dennis K Burke, you're not just choosing a supplier; you're choosing a partner dedicated to your success on the water.

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Marina Fueling

We supply gasoline & diesel to Marinas across the region, both Valvtect and non additized product. We have extensive experience in seasonally required RVP blends, as well as delivery timing based on your customers demands & schedule.

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We have Coast Guard PIC Certified drivers throughout our footprint, which means we are Coast Guard approved for those drivers to deliver fuel to your vessel over the water as required. 

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Hydraulic Oils

Our premium rated hydraulic oils AW46 & AW32 are rated for 6500+ hours. We also carry a full line of Kendall, BioBlend and Petro-Canada hydraulics, including environmentally friendly options. 



We are the largest distributor of Valvtect in the Northeast. In addition to supply & delivery, we have the experience to get your marina set up and branded.

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HD Engine Oils

We have Coast Guard PIC Certified drivers throughout our footprint, which means we are Coast Guard approved for those drivers to deliver fuel to your vessel over the water as required. 

BioBlend branded drums, cases, and grease tubes


We have a long history of environmentally responsible practices, in addition to full options for renewable fuel (R99, Bio) and environmentally friendly lube options. 

Ordering & Delivery Options 

We deliver fuel throughout the entire Northeast region.

Orders can be placed through our Customer Service Team, or emailed to - we also offer remote tank monitoring and automatic scheduling options. Orders are confirmed the same business day as they are received. While a 24 hour lead time is preferred, we can generally accommodate short notice and emergency deliveries. 

Customers receive pricing emails every night, so you are able to know your price by product ahead of ordering. 

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Tank Monitoring & Automatics

We run remote monitors to automatically keep you from running out, and allow us to deliver your fuel with as few interruptions as possible. We know that timing loads can be tricky for marinas because of the up and down, weather impacted fluctuations in demand. The combination of monitoring, automatic deliveries, and our long-term experience with marine accounts makes us the best bet to keep you able to fuel your customers without delay.

Monitors report multiple times a day to a secure, cloud-based platform, so you are able to view volumes and plan your operations accordingly.  

Price Management

Because of our supply positioning, we are able to offer our customers ultra competitive rack pricing. We also offer with fixed and variable contract options to further protect your bottom line from market fluctuations. 

In today's volatile market, you need a supplier who has the knowledge and expertise to mitigate your exposure. We offer a full suite of options for price management, from market analysis to remote monitoring to maximize delivery efficiency and market timing. 

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