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Wholesale Fuel Options

Dennis K. Burke, Inc’s Wholesale Fuels division offers secure and reliable supply options for your product needs throughout the Northeast, including gasoline, distillates, and biofuels. We run both inventory & rack positions in all of the regions deepwater terminals, so no matter what happens with supply or the markets - we have the product you need to keep your customers running. 

We offer nightly rack pricing emails to all customers, so you can plan ahead and make the decisions you need to based on market conditions. 

Recent years have seen some of the most volatile price fluctuations in recent history. Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with real time market intelligence, and a variety of pricing terms and purchasing options beyond simple daily rack posting, allowing you to better manage your fuel costs despite market variability.

These options include fixed pricing contracts on variable gallon amounts, as well as fixed or floating differentials, NYMEX triggers, and variable price lock options. 

In addition to personalized help from our Pricing Desk, you can purchase prompts & fixed forward contracts on our online exchange.

Our terminal options are on the map to the right (zoom for detail)

Why Dennis K Burke?

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Our goal is to make the process from pricing to lifting to invoicing as seamless as possible for our customers. We think your focus should be on your own customers, not the backend process of lifting and tracking pins and gallons.

Because we have both inventory & formula deals at all of the major terminals in the region, we're able to remove the worry of supply disruptions, and also able to offer multiple lift options depending on your needs and goals. 

Nightly pricing emails are sent to all customers each night after the racks post, so you are able to plan your morning loads. Our Supply & Pricing Desk departments are also manned early morning through late evening, so you are able to lock in market drops as they occur either on the exchange or through the office. 

Running multiple contract options concurrently? No problem, you can be automatically notified of your remaining gallons by contract via email. 



Terminal & Supply Options

Dennis K Burke banks inventory across the region, from Portland Maine through New Haven Connecticut and Albany NY. We run multiple concurrent supply and inventory deals that allow our customers to not only rely on our supply, but capitalize on market conditions.

When suppliers run rack only supply from the majors, you run the risk of outages in extreme conditions but with Dennis K Burke, our inventory positions cover you from those supply interruptions. That means you can keep your customers running, no matter what.


Pricing Desk & Back Office

DKB's Pricing Desk is available to help you maximize your options for both price stability and margin protection. Whether you need fixed forwards, prompts, or added terminal access pins, our pricing desk can help you get all the numbers and supply information you need to make the best decision for your business. 

We are fully integrated and able to access all the information you need, from TABs BOLs to scheduled outages, to terminal price increases, to how many gallons you have left on a particular prompt.


Price & Contract Management

We have multiple options for locking in a portion of your fuel usage to help you protect yourself against market volatility and capitalize on market fluctuations. Whether you prefer multi month fixed contracts, or daily diff deals we have an option available to suit your needs.

We have a live exchange where you can lock real time prompts based on Nymex triggers - you can access the exchange here: Burkeoil Exchange

If you prefer fixed or need diffs or curves run, you can contact our sales team or pricing desk at any time for real time numbers.

Terminal Options & Locations

We have rack and/or inventory purchasing available at the following terminals:

Citgo South Portland Gulf Portland
Irving Revere Sunoco East Boston
Gulf Chelsea  
Citgo Braintree  
Shell Providence  
Shell New Haven Magellan New Haven
Citgo Albany  Global Albany 
On the map to the left, blue terminal pins indicate rack availability while red indicates additional supply points for delivered in product

The Burkeoil Exchange

The Dennis K Burke Exchange is a real time purchasing tool that allows you to capture fuel prices from a secure log in to real time NYMEX pricing.

You can do both bid and market orders based on your preferred NYMEX trigger on all products available. Exchange gallons can be purchased from our inventory at Irving Revere, Sunoco East Boston, Citgo Braintree, Shell Providence, Shell New Haven, Citgo Portland, Gulf Portland, and Citgo Albany Terminals. 

The exchange is live and hosted 4:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday. We're open to do business when you're ready to do business.

You can log into the exchange here: Burkeoil DTN Exchange Login

To request setup on the exchange, send us an email or fill out the form below

Trucks at the Gulf Portland Rack
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