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Our Drivers are the backbone of our company

At Dennis K. Burke Inc., we firmly believe that our employees are the foundation of our success. The quality of our team directly impacts our achievements as a company, making our hiring process of paramount importance. We are committed to bringing on board only the most competent and passionate drivers to enhance our team.

Our drivers are the epitome of professionalism and dedication to safety. Thanks to our extensive training programs, they not only excel in their roles but also take immense pride in their work. In recognition of this pride, Dennis K. Burke offers bonuses for safe driving, underlining our shared dedication to surpassing excellence.

This culture of mutual respect and appreciation has helped us build a dedicated workforce, with numerous drivers remaining with the Dennis K. Burke family for more than twenty years.

With a vast fleet of over 80 vehicles and operations extending throughout the Northeast, our presence includes our headquarters in Taunton, Massachusetts, as well as facilities in Providence, Rhode Island, Portland, Maine, and Braintree, Massachusetts. Our wide variety of vehicles, ranging from tractor-trailers to box trucks, positions us perfectly to meet your delivery needs with unmatched precision and dependability.

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Fuel Delivery

Dennis K Burke runs 100+ power units and trailers across the New England region, around the clock. With our unparalleled supply options, and 24/7/365 Dispatching, Drivers, and Safety - we have you covered, always.  

Learn more about Fuel Delivery Options

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Lube Delivery

Lubricant deliveries run on a standard rotating schedule, 5 days a week, from Connecticut through Maine. We run bulk, drums, totes and packaged goods daily from Maine & Massachusetts, so whatever quantity you need, we can get it to you. 

Learn more about Lubricant Options here

DEF Tote

DEF Delivery

We deliver Diesel Exhaust Fluid across the region, in multiple packaging options including bulk, totes, drums and cases (2.5g & 5g) or pallets of cases. DEF is maintained and packaged in closed systems with compliant materials to ensure product integrity.

Learn more about Diesel Exhaust Fluid here



Dennis K Burke drivers are the hardest working, best trained drivers in the business. Their commitment to safe, clean, timely deliveries is unmatched and we consider them our most valuable team members. Our drivers are employees of the company,so all of your deliveries are done by a uniformed DKB employee for added peace of mind. 

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Our dispatch team runs 24/7/365. . They manage deliveries, field site and driver issues, and track drivers across the region. We electronically dispatch loads and remotely monitor tank levels for customers, so our dispatchers are the team that makes it happen for customers every day by optimizing loading and delivery routes to get you what you need, when you need it. 

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Safety is not just a buzzword at Dennis K Burke, its an integral part of our company culture. We have a full time Safety Team of 3 members that ensure driver safety, regulatory compliance, and advise on safe site practices so both DKB drivers and our customers' site staff can recieve products in the safest possible manner, always. 

You can read more about our Safety Focus here

Supply & Delivery Footprint

Our commercial fleet operates out of the sites in New England indicated below, and we run multiple concurrent supply options out of the terminals indicated on the map to the right. We deliver from Northern Maine through Southern Connecticut, and through the Albany NY area, every day.

Orders can be placed through our Customer Service Team, or emailed to - we also offer remote tank monitoring and automatic scheduling options

Our Lubricant footprint largely overlaps with our fuel coverage. We deliver from Maine through Southern Connecticut on a standard rotating schedule. If you'd like more information on if we can handle your specific site, check out our contact page for more info, or email us at the office.



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Dennis K Burke's delivery operation is fully upgraded & integrated.

Fuel orders are dispatched to drivers via tablets, for a safe, seamless, cell-phone free experience. We are also now completely touch-free on the customer side, no delivery slips or paperwork to sign.

Fuel tanks can be remotely monitored and automatically dispatched when fuel hit designated levels. 

Trucks are GPS equipped, which further allows dispatch to seamlessly direct routing to maximize both our efficiency and cut the time it takes you to receive your order safely. 

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