Why Dennis K Burke?

From a one bay repair shop to a multi-state dealership, whatever you need to keep your work moving and your customers' vehicles performing at their highest levels, from motor oils to aerosols to bulk equipment options - Dennis K Burke has you covered. 

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Engine Oil Options

Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive range of engine oils, including grades: 0W16, 0W20, 5W20, 5W30, and 5W40, available in both Synthetic and Synthetic Blends. Explore options from trusted brands like Fleetline®, Maxx Performance™ , Kendall® GT-1, Total Quartz, and Petro-Canada™ Supreme.


Automatic Transmission Fluid

From CVT to DCT and ATF, we offer a versatile lineup of fluids to ensure smooth transmission performance. Choose from a variety of formulations, including Fleetline® Multi-Purpose ATF, Maxx Performance™ D3M, Kendall® Versatrans, and Petro-Canada™ Dura Drive, tailored to meet your specific transmission requirements.


Grease Solutions

Our NLGI 2-rated Grease options are engineered with precision. Choose from top-tier Lithium Complexes like Fleetline® – Big Blue, Kendall® L-427 Super Blue, and Petro-Canada™ Precision XL EP 2, or opt for the superior performance of Calcium Sulphonates with Petro-Canada™ Peerless OG2 Red, Petro-Canada™ Peerless OG2, and Total Ceran XM 220.

Traxon E MTF

Gear Oil Offerings

Gear up for superior protection with our range of Gear Oils, available in Conventional, Synthetic Blend, and Synthetic formulations. Whether it's Petro-Canada™ Traxon, Maxx Performance™, Fleetline®, or Kendall® Super 3 and SHP, we have the right gear oil for every application.


Coolant Solutions

Safeguard engines against extreme temperatures with our premium Coolants, offering Dex-Cool or Multi-Vehicle (Global) Antifreeze solutions. Explore Kost™ DefendAL – Global, Kost™ DefendAL – Dex-Cool, and Kost™ DefendAL - Universal for optimal cooling system performance.


Electic Vehicle Essentials

Catering to the evolving needs of electric vehicles, we provide specialized Lubricants and Coolants engineered to meet the unique demands of EVs. Experience the cutting-edge technology of Kostchill™ Super Low EV Antifreeze/Coolant and Petro-Canada™ EVR Lubricants and Greases.

Ordering & Delivery

Orders can be submitted by email to - you will get a confirmation number sent to confirm receipt of your order

Orders can also be called in directly to our Customer Service Team at 800-289-2875. They can place your order for you and assist with any related matters. 

Lubricant & DEF deliveries are made on a standard rotating schedule,  with additional deliveries as required to meet emergency or unexpected needs. Please inform customer service if specific times or rush delivery is needed. 

Orders can also be picked up at both our Taunton & Saco facilities. If you prefer to pick up, just let us know when you call or email your order in. 

Taunton & Saco Sites
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Product Integrity

In 2015 after almost 50 years in Boston, we moved our corporate headquarters to Taunton MA. The new, expanded, state of the art warehouse space also allowed us to set up customized inventory storage, segregated piping systems, and a fully integrated bar code system for lubricant inventory, truck picking, and delivery.

We also offer bulk monitoring setups, which means you never run out or need to remember to place an order. Fewer deliveries, fewer interruptions. 

Orders, Delivery Receipts, and Invoices are all fully electronic. Notifications can be set up, and you are able to log into our customer portal to pull history or make payments as needed. 

These upgrades allow us to maintain extremely high product integrity standards, as well as streamline customer orders and track all products accurately their whole journey from the plant to your fleet.

Segregated piping, dedicated hoses, closes loop systems and barcoded inventory tracking from refinery to your door means we can guarantee the highest quality product, every time. 



Our back office is fully integrated with the field. What this means for you as a customer is that all of your order info runs electronically all the way through, saving you time and aggravation.

Your lube order is placed, picked & dispatched electronically to pickers and the trucks, scanned on arrival and delivery confirmations synch to your invoice. That means exact pricing on exact delivered quantities, quickly, and that saves you back office time on checking invoices.

All of our upgrades are done with the end goal of customer ease of use in mind, and we think that sets us apart from others. 

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Branded Offerings

We are proud to offer full lines of our in house Fleetline brand, as well as full catalogues from premier lubricant brands including Petro-Canada, Kendall, P66, BioBlend, Kost USA, and Total



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