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Looking at the Long Term

I talk a lot about the short term happenings, inventories, missile strikes, etc.  The real key is to look at the long term, minimally the mid-range.  While diesel demand kicked up a whopping 10% last week, the four week average is still down by 3.8%.  Similar with gasoline demand that showed strength last week, but is still down about 1% on a four week average.  As core inflation finally ticked down 2 basis points this week, what are the long term effects, should that trend continue?  The FED should start to cut interest rates, slowly over time.  Lower borrowing costs typically stimulate an economy, thus pushing up demand for fuels, and higher prices.  We are about $.15 higher on diesel pricing than we were last year at this time, and spent much of the early summer in a tight range, we may have some downside left as war premiums are shed.

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Israel vs Iran Price Jumps Fail to Materialize

If you were one of the ones I spoke with Sunday evening after news of Irans strike on Israel, you knew I was all in that we were headed for new highs.  In what turned out to be a Nothingburger without any Mac Sauce, Israel and their allies basically played space invaders on Iranian drones and missiles.  US aircraft were said to have neutralized over 30% of the weapons alone.  It will be interesting to see how Irans street cred is affected going forward, as we sit now, the market is unwinding a healthy chunk of the threat premium that’s been added in recent months.  ULSD futures now sit below the much talked about support level of $2.60.    

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