As a trucking company ourselves, we understand how vitally important it is that your fleet and drivers are able to stay on the road and avoid costly downtime. We have all the products you need to keep rolling, from rust protection undercoating, to fifth wheel grease, 15w40, DEF and ultra low sulfur diesel

We offer full lines of all the lubricants that keep your trucks going on our in house label as well as major national brands: Castrol, Citgo, Kendall/P66, PetroCanada. Our main warehouse operates out of Corporate Headquarters in Taunton, Mass and we also run a brand new satellite lubricant facility in Saco, Maine. So whether you haul cars in Connecticut, or passenger transport along the scenic Maine coast - we have you covered.  

In addition to your lubricant needs, we offer a full suite of diesel & gas delivery options, from bulk delivery & touch fueling to fixed price contracts or prompts

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