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When it comes to Transportation & Trucking - we know first hand that keeping your fleet on the road and productive is non-negotiable. From diesel to DEF to HD lubes, Dennis K Burke is your one stop shop for everything you need to keep your fleet on the road and productive. 

With a regional delivery range, remote monitoring, 24/7 dispatching, nightly pricing notifications, and multiple rack position options, we handle the supply & delivery side of the operation, so you can focus on your fleet. 


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Diesel Delivery

We offer delivery of premium diesel fuel across the New England region including mulitple options for winter fuel & additized product. Our trucks run 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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Tank Monitoring

We offer remote tank monitoring across the region. Monitors report real time tank volumes to DKB from the field so we can optimize your deliveries. 

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Pricing Options

We offer multiple pricing options, from fixed and variable contracts to nightly emailed rack pricing, allowing you to maximize your budget and manage your gallons.

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We stock a full line of lubricants, including branded options. All of the products you need to keep your trucks on the road and running at peak conditions is available by pickup or delivery to your site across the New England region. 

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We supply Diesel Exhaust Fluid to customers across the Northeastern Region. We offer DEF in bulk, totes, drums, and cases - so whatever your fleet needs to run at optimal conditions, we've got you covered. 

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Track tank levels, easily manage payments, get detailed gallon breakdowns by contract, unit, or tank, and stay updated with delivery notifications - all without the need for paper. 

How we work

Strategic Terminal Supply Options

Strategic terminal positioning allows us to maximize efficiency for both our customers at the rack, and our delivered in customers. Optimizing terminal positioning requires considering both geographical positioning, and understanding supply demands within those locations so product options can be maximized with multiple pull point options.

Multiple pull point options means:

  • Supply availability in the event of partial outages or other supply interruptions
  • Optimize pricing loads within one location. Multiple pin options for rack, contract, and multi supplier deals lets you pivot load by load depending on market conditions.
  • Optimize driver time and efficiency - multiple accessible terminal options across the region allow route planning and pivoting to account for drive times, storm impacts, or other situations.
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Technology Solutions

Our approach to technology is to consistently be implementing upgrades and integrations if they work to make the customer experience easier and more seamless. The following are some of the systems we have put in place to enhance the customer experience:

  • Custom dispatch programs & GPS monitoring allow real time delivery ETA and status monitoring for fuel & lubricant deliveries
  • Tank monitoring for fuel, lubricants and DEF means automatic inventory management and automatic delivery options. No manual ordering, no run outs.
  • Tablet based dispatching & order completion means deliveries are paperless and seamless, minimizing disruptions and back office time
  • Customer portals allow visibility into tank monitor status, POD and BOL paperwork and invoice history with a few clicks, from wherever you are working. 
  • Integrated systems across operations, supply, and dispatch mean close to real time communication of gallon status, product timelines, pricing, historicals, and contract balances are easily accessible to you as needed or on an automatically recurring basis. 

End to End Lubricant Offerings

Our Taunton & Saco lubricant facilities stock full lines of lubricant and additive options in both our in house Fleetline brand, as well as full lines from several industry suppliers including P66, PetroCanada, Kendall, and Total. 

Packaging runs the gamut from bulk DEF & motor oil options to quarts and tube greases. We offer tank monitoring, online ordering, and paperless delivery confirmations to streamline your operations by minimizing interruptions and paperwork headaches. 

Whether you have specific hydraulic fluids, engine oil, transmission fluids and greases you love, or you want to test out the latest and greatest in new product offerings, our knowledgeable account reps can set you up with the product that's best for your equipment requirements, brand preferences, and budgetary requirements.

15w40 10w30
Hydraulic Oils Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Transmission Fluids Gear Oils
Greases Antifreeze



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