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When it comes to Supply, Dennis K Burke has the Northeast covered. We run supply and inventory options across the regions deepwater terminals from Portland, Maine through New Haven, Connecticut, and from East Boston through Albany east to West. 

We run multiple supply options, from inventory to rack deals, for products at each available terminal to minimize the impact to our customers from general supply outages, ship delays, or market conditions. 


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Pricing Options

We offer multiple pricing options, from fixed and variable contracts to nightly emailed rack pricing, allowing you to maximize your budget and manage your gallons.


Fixed Contracts

We offer flexible fixed contract options, allowing you to hedge your upside risk in a volatile energy market. Lock prices, variable markup, or a combination. 

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DTN Exchange

We run a real time online exchange, allowing you to lock in prompts to real time NYMEX market moves on distillates.

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Lubricants & DEF

We stock a full line of lubricants, including branded options, as well as DEF in bulk through case good quantities.. All of the products you need to keep your trucks on the road and running at peak conditions is available by pickup or delivery to your site across the New England region. 

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Pricing Desk & Supply Office

Our Pricing Desk & Supply Departments can give you up to the minute market & supply intelligence and work with you to determine how to get the most competitive pricing possible. DKB customers receive personalized, automated pricing every night so you can easily keep an eye on your fuel budget. 

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Customer Portal

Track invoices & BOLs, easily manage payments, get detailed histories and gallon breakdowns by contract,site, or pin - all without the need for paper. 

The customer portal can be accessed fromour homepage, let us know if you need help logging in. 

How we work

Strategic Terminal Supply Options

Strategic terminal positioning allows us to maximize efficiency of loading, and availability of product for our customers. Optimizing terminal positioning requires considering both geographical positioning, and understanding supply demands within those locations so product options can be maximized with multiple pull point options. 

Multiple pull point options means:

  • Supply availability in the event of partial outages or other supply interruptions
  • Optimize pricing loads within one location. Multiple pin options for rack, contract, and multi supplier deals lets you pivot load by load depending on market conditions.
  • Optimize driver time and efficiency - multiple accessible terminal options across the region allow route planning and pivoting to account for drive times, storm impacts, or other situations. This allows you to get to your customers as efficiently as possible. 
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Technology Solutions

Our approach to technology is to consistently be implementing upgrades and integrations if they work to make the customer experience easier and more seamless. The following are some of the systems we have put in place to enhance the customer experience:

  • Integrated systems across operations, supply, and dispatch mean close to real time communication of gallon status, product timelines, pricing, historicals, and contract balances are easily accessible to you as needed or on an automatically recurring basis. 
  • Nightly pricing emails for all the products and terminals you access sent securely & automatically to your inbox. 
  • Burkeoil Exchange platform allows locking in prompts to capture real-time NYMEX market moves. Lock in anywhere from 2500 gallons to full contracts (42,000 gallons) in 500g increments. 
  • Backoffice pin number integrations allow you to pull and be invoiced against rack, fixed, and prompt gallons consecutively or concurrently - whatever works best for your business. 
  • Daily contract balance reporting is available so you stay on top of all your balances and can dispatch your drivers to pull accordingly.
  • Customer portals allow visibility into tank monitor status, POD and BOL paperwork and invoice history with a few clicks, from wherever you are working. 



Biodiesel & BioHeat Options

Terminals across the Northeast are blended with biodiesel up to 10% at the rack. For higher blends, biodiesel can be splash blended with ULSD & Heating Oil.

Shell Providence & Shell New Haven terminals: bio is available at up to 50% blends. All customers at these terminals receive pricing on B5 & B10 Heat, and B5 & B20 Diesel blends. We are able to add pricing to up to 50% for those who need higher level blends for their customers. 

If you would like to learn more about biodiesel and bioheat options at New England terminals, or you need specific blends of bio reflected on your nightly pricing, please reach out to us. (  


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End to End Lubricant Offerings

Our Taunton & Saco lubricant facilities stock full lines of lubricant and additive options in both our in house Fleetline brand, as well as full lines from several industry suppliers including P66, PetroCanada, Kendall, and Total. 

Packaging runs the gamut from bulk DEF & motor oil options to quarts and tube greases. We offer tank monitoring, online ordering, and paperless delivery confirmations to streamline your operations by minimizing interruptions and paperwork headaches. 

Our knowledgeable account reps can set you up with the product that's best for your equipment requirements, brand preferences, and budgetary requirements. 

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