Specs, SDS & Product Info

In addition to fuel, we stock full lines of Castrol, Citgo, Kendall/P66, and PetroCanada, in addition to our in-house, API certified Fleetline brand. All of our lubricant items are sourced from the industry's premier suppliers, and all meet API specifications to ensure you only receive the highest quality products. 

Spec Sheets

CITGO Spec Sheets PetroCanada Spec Sheets Castrol Spec Sheets
P66 Spec Sheets  Kendall Spec Sheets FLEETLINE Spec Sheets
BioBlend Spec Sheets Oil Eater Spec Sheets Berkebile Spec Sheets
Valvtect Spec Sheets Old World (Peak) Spec Sheets Oil-Dri Spec Sheets
Shell Spec Sheets Mobil Spec Sheets

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Fuel SDS Info 

In order to ensure accuracy, we do not internally publish fuel SDS sheets, as products may vary by terminal. If you need a COA or fuel SDS, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via the contact form below, or support@burkeoil.com . If you know your terminal supplier, the following links will bring you to their published specifications