Emergency Generator Program

Dennis K. Burke can provide all of your emergency fueling needs -- 24/7.

The Burke Emergency Generator Fueling Program ensures that a key part of your reliability plan for backup power is not overlooked. From regional blackouts, to hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards, there are numerous examples of how both man-made and natural disasters test the mettle of standby power systems. Burke’s fueling program helps you to weather these storms by providing an affordable generator fuel supply that delivers reliable performance with a money-back guarantee.

Emergency Response

With Burke’s Emergency Generator Fueling Program, when the power is out, Burke guarantees fuel deliveries to keep your generator operating until the power outage is resolved, regardless of how long the outage lasts. A Burke representative will work with your team to create a plan detailing our operational agreements and procedures in the event of a power outage.

Premium Quality Fuel

Burke delivers premium diesel for your generator to ensure all-weather performance and reliability.

Guaranteed Fuel Supply

For over 60 years, Burke is a name you can trust. You can count on Dennis K. Burke for fast response and priority service. Burke has the fuel storage, the trucks and manpower to offer guaranteed fueling service to your standby generator.

Extraordinary Fuel Access

An extensive fueling network and fleet logistics ensure prompt deliveries when you need it most. Dennis K. Burke maintains considerable fuel storage throughout the Northeast. Additionally, Burke holds several fuel terminal positions along the East Coast. Because of our banked supply options, in the event of regional outages and natural disasters, Dennis K Burke is not subject to suspension of terminal allocations, the way many in the industry are. That means we are able to get the fuel to you to keep you running, even in the worst conditions. 

Remote Fuel Tank Monitoring

If remote fuel tank monitoring is desired, Burke offers wireless tank monitoring systems for your generator. Tank level data from your standby generator is sent remotely and monitored by the Dennis K. Burke staff to ensure your generator has ample fuel to operate throughout the outage.