Emergency Generator Program

Don't leave it to luck - Dennis K Burke's Generator Program promises uninterrupted operation of your generator when it matters most.

The Burke Emergency Generator Fueling Program plays a critical role in your backup power strategy, ensuring you're fully prepared for any disaster. Whether it's a regional blackout or a severe weather event like hurricanes, tornadoes, or blizzards, countless incidents prove the resilience of standby power systems is paramount. Burke's program is designed to help you navigate through these challenges by offering reliable fuel supply for your generator, backed by a money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

  • Emergency Fueling Response

In the event of an outage, trust in Burke’s Emergency Generator Fueling Program to secure uninterrupted fuel delivery to your generator, ensuring it stays operational until power is restored, no matter the duration. A dedicated Burke representative will collaborate with your team to establish a detailed plan that outlines our mutual operational agreements and procedures for handling power outages.

  • Superior Diesel Quality

Count on Burke to supply your generator with top-tier diesel, guaranteeing exceptional performance and dependability in any weather condition.

  • Assured Fuel Availability

With a legacy spanning over six decades, Dennis K. Burke stands as a beacon of reliability. Expect rapid response and priority service whenever you call upon us. Equipped with extensive fuel storage capacities, a fleet of trucks, and a dedicated team, we're poised to fulfill your standby generator's fueling needs with certainty.

  • Unmatched Fuel Accessibility

Thanks to our broad fueling network and sophisticated fleet logistics, timely fuel deliveries are guaranteed when you need them the most. Dennis K. Burke boasts significant fuel reserves across the Northeast and holds multiple fuel terminal positions along the East Coast. Our strategic supply reserves mean we're insulated from the terminal allocation suspensions that often impact others in the industry during regional disruptions and natural calamities. This ensures we can deliver the necessary fuel to keep your operations running smoothly, even under the most adverse conditions.

  • Advanced Remote Fuel Monitoring

For those opting for remote fuel tank monitoring, Burke provides state-of-the-art wireless systems. This technology enables the transmission of your generator’s fuel tank levels directly to our team, ensuring continuous operation by maintaining adequate fuel supplies throughout any power outage.