Biodiesel & Renewables

Biodiesel - Fueling the Future

Dennis K Burke has been involved in the use and adaptation of biodiesel since the early 2000's. We were the first retail station offering biodiesel in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (2002). We worked with National Grid, Harvard University, and Taunton State Hospital on early pilot programs testing biodiesel efficacy and troubleshooting issues that popped up with early utilization, such as filter plugging, gelling concerns, etc. These pilot programs helped allow Massachusetts to assess benefits and drawbacks to the fuel and make recommendations for adaptation and blend levels going forward.  

Derived from renewable sources, biodiesel offers a cleaner alternative to traditional petroleum-based fuels. Its compatibility with existing diesel engines allows for a seamless transition to a more environmentally friendly option. Alongside reducing harmful emissions, biodiesel also provides enhanced engine lubrication, resulting in improved engine performance and longevity.

Because of both the environmental benefits, and the potential for jobs and economic growth, several Northeast States have tax credits available to promote the blending and use of biodiesel. The current federal tax credit as of 2023 is $1.00 per gallon of B100 blended into ULSHO, for example. If you need more information on how these credits work for your company, reach out! 

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Biodiesel & BioHeat Availability

Terminals across the Northeast are blended with biodiesel up to 10% at the rack. For higher blends, biodiesel can be splash blended with ULSD & Heating Oil.

Shell Providence & Shell New Haven terminals: bio is available at up to 50% blends. All customers at these terminals receive pricing on B5 & B10 Heat, and B5 & B20 Diesel blends. We are able to add pricing to up to 50% for those who need higher level blends for their customers. 

If you would like to learn more about biodiesel and bioheat options at New England terminals, or you need specific blends of bio reflected on your nightly pricing, please reach out to us. (  




Dennis K Burke & BioFuels

  • 2002: Dennis K Burke opens the first retail station for Biodiesel in Massachusetts
  • 2003: Dennis K Burke & NSTAR awarded an environmental collaboration award for the use of biodiesel
  • 2004 & 2005: Dennis K Burke & Harvard University work together extensively to determine what exactly the benefits and limitations of biodiesel & BioHeat could be in the Northeast, where heating demand is high, but temperature related gelling is a major obstacle.
  • 2004: EPA Makes it's Non-Road Diesel Standard announcement limiting the sulfur content of fuel from the Burke gas station in Chelsea MA. 
  • 2007: Dennis K Burke is awarded the State of Massachusetts Biodiesel contract, and fulfills the State biodiesel requirements for several years.
  • 2008: Dennis K Burke's gas station in Chelsea MA becomes the first retail gas station to offer E85 Ethanol Gasoline in the State of Massachusetts.
  • 2008: Dennis K Burke completes work on a solar project at former Headquarters in Chelsea MA that supplies large portion of the company's power needs. 
  • 2009: Ed Burke provides testimony to the United States Senate to help inform regulations regarding vapor recovery systems for E85 gasoline.
  • 2010: Dennis K Burke's Chelsea Headquarters installs an EV charging station, powered by the existing solar project. This charger is made free of charge to Chelsea residents. 
  • 2010: Ed Burke serves as a member on the RINAlliance National Board of Directors. This board assists marketers in federal regulatory compliance with EPA Renewable Fuel Standards. 
BioStation Opening - Chelsea Record 2002-1


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