World Tensions & Workforce Worries

With the inventory report delayed due the Monday holiday, we were able to enjoy the recent correction in pricing for another day.  We are about $.11 cheaper today than a week ago and $.25 lower than two weeks ago, basically back to where we started at the beginning of the month.  Interesting to note that we are right around the same spot as we were a year ago this time.   It is almost as if the market has priced in the ongoing world tension and once again is looking at more fundamental sources of influence.  The last week was like the most aggressive in terms of shipping attacks, retaliation, and a war of words, yet futures overall are lower.   Additionally, we are coming up on the two year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine with little or no end in sight.   Traders instead are focused on FED rates and demand figures that still appear to be bearish in nature.

Locally, real concerns about adequate workforce for the forthcoming Spring and Summer is a common theme amongst folks I talk with. Lean and mean is the approach that most have come to accept as the shortage for many is here to stay. DKB is very fortunate to have a full staff of Dispatchers, Drivers, Customer Service and Sales that is dedicated to providing you the service that you have come to expect.  This is a 24x7x365 business, and we pride ourselves in being here for you when you need it most.  While some take a break or breathe a sigh of relief that the winter has come, and almost left, without any major disruptions, we are already looking ahead to when the grass turns green.  No rest for the weary!

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