Fueling Optimism

This is one of my favorite times of year.  Grass is green, garden is popping, Yankees are still in first place, kids Interning 40 hours a week, and the bustle of activity as Marinas and construction crews ramp up.  We are also right around the same price for gasoline and diesel as we were last year, which is reason alone to celebrate.  As National demand for diesel is still down about 7.5% over last year and off 1.3% on gasoline according to yesterdays inventory report, regionally there appears to be a more optimistic view of the weeks to come.   Transportation folk I speak with seem busy and Construction schedules are full at this point.  The question remains is if it is due to consolidation of companies within Industries or lack of help.  Still, we are all trying for ways to be more efficient or pay less.  Keep in mind, DKB has 500g and 1000g tanks for rent or sale that may make sense for a short term project or need for additional storage.  Confusion still remains within the futures markets as again focus is set on Interest Rates.  News broke that some policy makers expressed a “willingness to tighten rate policy further” if data does not clearly show signs of inflationary easing.  This has kept forward pricing of products muted, even as Global tension remains high in several key hotspots.  While it is not typically a time when people secure gallons, Q3 and Q4 pricing presently still looks attractive.

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