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Our dedication fuels your relentless drive

Whether it's the grit of rock crushing, the precision of paving, or the meticulous demands of manufacturing, your work never stops—demanding round-the-clock dedication and the immediate availability of fuel, tanks, and lubricants to keep operations running smoothly.

Our commitment mirrors the relentless effort of your teams, ensuring you're always equipped and poised for action, enabling seamless progress and flawless execution on every project.

We recognize the unique nature of every task within your sector. Leveraging our vast experience and diverse supply capabilities, we adapt our offerings to meet your specific needs, precisely when you need them. From offering tank rentals to providing eco-conscious choices like biodegradable hydraulic oils and renewable diesel, we're here to ensure your machinery and workforce are perpetually at their peak, day in and day out, throughout New England.


Diesel Delivery

We offer delivery of premium diesel fuel across the New England region including mulitple options for winter fuel & additized product. Our trucks run 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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We stock a full line of lubricants, including branded options. All of the products you need to keep your equipment running at peak conditions is available by pickup or delivery to your site across the New England region. 

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Pricing Options

We offer multiple pricing options, from fixed and variable contracts to nightly emailed rack pricing, allowing you to maximize your budget and manage your gallons.

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Generator Fueling

Dennis K Burke offers generator & job site fueling across our footprint. Whether you need Dyed Diesel for your generator, or Kero drums for space heating winter job sites, we've got you covered

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Tank Rental

We stock Western Global tanks for rental. For longer term site work, these can really simplify your fueling, as well as bring the costs down. Contact us for more info. These are the tanks we generally stock:

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Customer Portal

Dennis K Burke's Customer Portal allows you to log in from anywhere and view invoices, invoice payment status, and EFT prenotifications. You can also enable notifications within the portal to stay on top of the info you need. 

Ordering & Delivery Options

We deliver fuel & lubricants throughout the entire Northeast region.

Fuel Orders can be placed through our Customer Service Team or emailed to - we also offer remote tank monitoring and automatic scheduling options. Orders are confirmed the same business day as they are received. While a 24-hour lead time is preferred, we can generally accomodate short notice and emergency deliveries. 

Customers receive fuel pricing emails every night, so you are able to know your price by product ahead of ordering.

Lube Orders can be placed through our Customer Service Team or emailed to - lubricant orders are confirmed the same business day they are recieved. Lubricants & DEF are delivered on a standard rotating schedule, with additional deliveries as required to meet emergency or unexpected needs. Please let us know when placing your order if a specific time or rush delivery is required. 

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End to End Lubricant Offerings

Our Taunton & Saco lubricant facilities stock full lines of lubricant and additive options in both our in house Fleetline brand, as well as full lines from several industry suppliers including P66, PetroCanada, Kendall, and Total. 

Packaging runs the gamut from bulk DEF & motor oil options to quarts and tube greases. We offer tank monitoring, online ordering, and paperless delivery confirmations to streamline your operations by minimizing interruptions and paperwork headaches. 

Whether you have specific hydraulic fluids, engine oil, transmission fluids and greases you love, or you want to test out the latest and greatest in new product offerings, our knowledgeable account reps can set you up with the product that's best for your equipment requirements, brand preferences, and budgetary requirements.

Below are some of the items we stock to cater to industrial & manufacturing industry customers

Industrial Fluids Metal Working Fluids
Gear Oils Coolant/Heat Transfer Fluid
Compressor Fluid Hydraulic Oils


Sustainable Solutions

We know that sustainability and environmental sensitivity is an increasingly more important part of the job for all of us. To that end, Dennis K Burke is proud to supply alternatives to conventional fuel and lubricants for our customers. 

We have a long history of early adoption and promotion of alternative fuels, including being the first retail station in the State of MA to sell Biodiesel & E85 at the pump. 

Today, we continue to offer biodiesel and bioheat, and have expanded our offering to include Renewable Diesel as well. On the Lubricants side, we are a BioBlend distributor and offer a full line of readily and inherently biodegradable options for use on work sites in environmentally sensitive areas like wetlands and over the water. 

If your project requires sustainable fuel or environmentally friendly lubricants, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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