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How Effective is Your Safety Program?

Posted by Ed Burke on Sep 30, 2013 8:01:00 AM

We run a big fleet of trucks, including tankers, straightjobs, box trucks and a fleet of company vehicles driven by our sales team - so we have put a LOT of thought into safety program effectiveness. 

One of the main things we've learned is - It works if its working Proactively.

So how do you implement a proactive program? Think big picture. There are dozens of areas that when you think about it, ought to require a policy or procedure to avoid future issues. For example, we implement company policy on the following items, and make sure that all drivers and operations department personell are fully trained and informed on the policies so we are all on the same page. We have a full time Safety Manager and Operations Department that tracks and enforces all the variables, which may or may not work for your organization depending on size and need - but either way, if you run a trucking company, most or all of these items ought to be on your radar 

    • Rigorous Pre Employment Screening

    • Training - 15 days of documented training for new hires partnered with a senior driver or trainer

    • Distracted Driving Policy

    • Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy

    • Emergency Procedures - breakdowns, roll-overs, spills, etc. 

    • Vehicle Safety Compliance Policies

    • 90% max tank fill policy for site deliveries

    • Daily, documented pre and post trip vehicle inspections

    • Hours of Service Logs and Policy

    • Safety Meetings

    • Safety Bonuses

    • Full compliance with local, state and federal ordinances, laws and mandates

    • Tracking KPI's on DOT, CSA, and OSHA metrics, as well as tracking insurance variances, fines, and cost changes


    The list goes on, but these are the mission criticals. I get into a little more detail on each of the items in Septembers Oil & Energy Article (you can read that by clicking here)  

    What areas does your business focus on, and how do you measure your Safety Programs success?






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