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Greece Bailout

NYMEX Stumbles with Stonger Dollar

Fears of yet another Greece loan default were on the minds of many investors today as futures showed moderate losses as the dollar strengthened.  Greece is hoping that banks will forgive roughly $130 billion in debt due in the next few months.  If only my bank would forgive half of my mortgage, I would be a happy man!  Positive news from the housing industry was reported as existing home sales increased 5% in December.  The market couldn't rally enough today and with gasoline demand falling over 6% in a month on month comparison, the threat of demand destruction in a slightly improving economy is a real concern.  It is hard to believe that we have seen six down days in the last seven sessions in the Heat pit.  We have peeled off almost 10 cents during that time frame.  This following our prediction that once we touch 3.10ish we should pull back.  As this has been the pattern for the year.  Looming over the weekend is a European vote on accepting Iranian oil, as reports of US ships moving out of the region.  As a quick snow event moves through the region this weekend, lets all remember to keep those fills clear and accessible.  Crude fell $1.93 to $98.46, RBOB lost .0310 and HEAT lost .0476 to $2.9884.

heat chart

                 CLOSE       CHANGE 
FEB    27844       -.0314
MAR   27903      -.0325
APR    29242      -.0293
MAY   29128      -.0295
JUN   28843      -.0297
JUL    28490      -.0303
          CLOSE    CHANGE
FEB     29884     -.0476
MAR    29848      -.0487
APR     29720      -.0475
MAY   29550      -.0469
JUN    29460     -.0469
JUL     29485      -.0462
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Futures Slip with Mixed Inventory Report

Much of the morning session saw values bounce around from positive to negative as pre DOE posturing held court.  Also holding weight was the curiosity factor of what was going to happen at the European Summit to discuss the ongoing debt issue.  As the news of a Crude build of 4.7mbl, a Distillate draw of 4.3mbl and a Gasoline draw of 1.4mbl hit the wires the initial reaction was bearish as the huge glut of Crude took center stage.  That was short lived as many looked to distillates as the leading pit and another large draw has now put distillates stocks smack dab in the middle of the 10 year range.  Over the past several weeks we have operated on the higher end of that range.  The selling only hit the floor with about 30 minutes left in the session as continued optimism remained that a long term solution to Europe's debt crisis will be agreed upon.  Signs pointed that way as earlier in the day, Germany, a key figure in the deal, voted to add more to its growing rescue fund.  An effort in that other nations will follow.  While we still are on the high end of the range, and a solid down day is refreshing, nothing out there is a clear signal that we are ripe for another pull back.  Again, the HEAT pit appears to be comfortable trading in the wide range from 2.70 to 3.10.  At the close, Crude lost $2.97 to $90.20, RBOB fell .0482 to $2.6516 and HEAT lost .0344 to $3.0158. 
heat map
                 CLOSE       CHANGE 
NOV    26516       -.0482
DEC    26253      -.0494
JAN    26111      -.0474
FEB   26049      -.0445
MAR   26075      -.0416
APR    27387      -.0374
          CLOSE    CHANGE
NOV    30158     -.0344
DEC   30210      -.0302
JAN   30101       -.0304
FEB   29929      -.0316
MAR   29663     -.0323
APR   29260      -.0312
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Futures surge on proposed European debt plan

You know the Market is searching for direction when values and sentiment shift on an unofficial report of the European debt plan.  The plan is focused on three keys tenets.  First, Greece is going to be allowed to default on 50% of their debts (must be nice, I wish i could default on 50% of my mortgage.)  Second, the size of the European debt relief fund will expand dramatically and Third, the plan will re-capitalize the European Central bank.  Based on the jump in the Dow and in Commodities, the plan is being greeted with open arms.  Coupled with the forecast of draws in inventories again this week, values started up strong and did not look back all day. Technically speaking, we have commented frequently of the 2.80 support level of HEAT. For the fourth time in a year, we have hit the 2.80 level and yet again appear to be poised to bounce off it.  At the close, Crude added $4.21 to $84.45, RBOB screamed higher by .1261 to $2.6955 and HEAT jumped .0851 to $2.8766.  Assuming we ave confirmed another short term bottom, may not be a bad time to look at layering in some sort term fixed pricing.
heat map
                 CLOSE       CHANGE 
OCT    26955       +.1261
NOV    26360      +.1076
DEC    26011      +.1003
JAN   25849        +.0936
FEB    25841        +.0888
MAR    25898      +.0860
          CLOSE    CHANGE
OCT    28766    +.0851
NOV   28857    +.0827
DEC   28898      +.0796
JAN   28936     +.0767
FEB   28838      +.0733
MAR   28662      +.0705
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Crude Rises as Products Fade in Late Sell Off

Crude once again danced above the $100 a barrel mark today as many speculated that the economy is showing signs of improving.  Furthermore a marathon meeting session on Greece of European Leaders ended with a consensus that they will throw more money into the debt strapped country.  The Euro rose on the news as the dollar fell, thus pushing money into Crude.  The products failed to follow the rally.  RBOB slipped .0475 to $3.0995 while HEAT lost .0192 to $3.0992.  All while Crude managed to gain .73 to close at $99.13, more than a full buck off its high of $100.16.  Holding down products appear to be the fact that demand is still soft, and retail gas stations are still in the high $3 range.  Additionally, our friends at the IEA stated that they are willing to release more product to the market to stave off any spike in futures.  HEAT remains in a congested selling pattern and looking back over the last few months, you have seen healthy corrections after these periods.  In laymen terms, nobody is willing to make a move either way until an event pushes us too.  This event will likely be in the form of how the US debt ceiling issue is resolved, meaning we probably have another week of sloppy back and forth days

heat chart

                 CLOSE       CHANGE 
AUG    30995       -.0475
SEP    30567      -.0379
OCT    29285     -.0277
NOV   28959       -.0235
DEC    28801       -.0215
JAN    28832      -.0200
          CLOSE    CHANGE
AUG  30992     -.0192
SEP   31129       -.0191
OCT    31273      -.0188
NOV   31437       -.0191
DEC   31600       -.0191
JAN   31753       -.0190
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NYMEX jumps as Greece Debt vote Looms

Investors went on the attack today after several sessions of healthy losses and viewed current values as buying opportunities.  As a vote looms on the Greece debt crisis, most are now expecting the Nation will accept the austerity package as stave off pending doom.  As the dollar felt the brunt of this news, NYMEX values skyrocketed in early morning trading.  Yet, citizens of Greece still found the time and energy to riot in the streets.  Interesting news in the US  as Home prices were up slightly for the first time in over 8 months, signally to some a momentum shift in the economy.  Of course, those same speculators disregarded a report that shows consumer confidence dipping yet again.  With Crude inventories expected to fall slightly on Wednesday and the products expected to build, along with the official start of the summer driving season hitting this week, we are lining up for an exciting Wednesday in the Industry.  I would like to believe that cooler heads prevail and we continue our march down.  Remember, one day does not make a trend and the trend is your friend.  At the close, Crude added $2.28 to end at $92.89, HEAT jumped .0608 to 2.8257 and RBOB led the charge gaining .0821 to $2.8896.
heat chart
                 CLOSE       CHANGE 
JUL     28896       +.0821
AUG    28156      +.0712
SEP    27886         +.0683
OCT    26787       +.0662
NOV     26583      + .0642
DEC    26505      +.0622
          CLOSE    CHANGE
JUL    28257       +.0608
AUG    28415      +.0601
SEP    28609     +.0599
OCT   28814      +.0602
NOV   29018       +.0602
DEC   29214       +.0602
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Greece Debt Crisis pushes Nymex Lower

For the fourth straight day values across the most of the complex have fallen.  This mornings early action was surrounded by ongoing debt concerns in Greece, who announced they needed an immediate $17 billion....yes, billion... dollar infusion in order to meet creditors.  As a result the Euro plummeted and the dollar soared, which pulled money out of commodities.  Many feel that downside may be limited as ongoing concerns of supply disruptions continue and we are knocking on hurricane season.  What is interesting to note about todays session was that Crude actually finished higher by.25 to close at $93.26.  Still Crude values seem low for products being so high.  HEAT fell .0573 to 2.9329 and RBOB lost .0345 to 2.9115.  Or, the products are overpriced for Crude values.  I tend to think the latter scenario is more fitting.  As you may recall it wasn't to long ago that HO was at the 2.80 level.  With todays finish, we continue to be on the back nine of the recent range and would not put it out of the realm of possibility to touch 2.80 in the near future.
Daily Heat Chart
heat chart
                 CLOSE       CHANGE 
JUL     29115       -.0345
AUG    28526      -.0368
SEP    28324     -.0375
OCT    27165       -.0357
NOV     26953       -.0351
DEC    26848      -.0341
          CLOSE    CHANGE
JUL    29320       -.0513
AUG    29469      -.0509
SEP    29655     -.0502
OCT   29843      -.0495
NOV   30031       -.0490
DEC   30202       -.0481
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Markets Jump Higher After Long Weekend

What a difference a week makes!  less than a week ago were were talking about HEAT testing some key support levels, but after today, those might be to far to see in the rear view mirror.  The pits have jumped some 20 cents in the last five sessions.  While yesterdays electronic trading seemed to bear some positive tones as most of the session was down almost 2 cents, waking up this morning saw the market up over 4 and Crude up over a dollar.  The second round of bailout money for Greece appears to be in the works as Germany is conceding. Over the weekend, a NATO commander stated his forces were making significant strides against the Gaddafi regime and guaranteed his removal in the next few months.  On the homefront, a pipeline leak in the Kansas City area that originates in Canada forced that line down for the second time in a week.  The key detail in that report is that the pipeline ends up in Cushing, Oklahoma, a key yardstick for National Inventory numbers.  The fear pushed values higher and stayed there the remainder of the day with Crude now healthily over $100 to close up $2.11 to $102.70, front month RBOB added .0584 to $3.1504, while JUL RBOB was up only .0190.  HEAT finished higher by .0658 to $3.0563, JUL HEAT added .0516 to $3.0530.   HEAT is currently at the top end of the recent range of 2.80 to 3.05,  one would expect to see some profit taking over the next couple of days.

heat chart

                 CLOSE       CHANGE 
JUN    31504       +.0584
JUL    30503      +.0190
AUG    30186        +.0221
SEP    29903       +.0253
OCT     28612       +.0278
NOV    28311      +.0275
          CLOSE    CHANGE
JUN    30563       +.0658
JUL    30530      +.0516
AUG    30664      +.0511
SEP     30832      +.0506
OCT    30989       +.0503
NOV   31146       +.0500
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Futures plunge on dollar, data and demand

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, PLEAS KEEP YOUR HANDS AND FEET INSIDE THE ROLLER COASTER AT ALL TIMES!  What else can you say about the last several sessions that has seen 25 cent drops, 30 cent rises and another 25 cent drop.  Overnight saw big drops on gas as what appeared to be an overbought speculative position put on Monday and Tuesday get sawed off as fears resurfaced that the European Union might not be willing just yet to jump in and help Greece. The subsequent reaction was a large jump in the Dollar, pushing commodities to the floor.  So much for those tight supplies due to flooding?  Bearish inventory data pushed the NYMEX down even further as Crude gained 3.8mbl, distillates fell by 800k and gasolines rose 1.3mbl as most were expecting moderate draws.  For the first time since Rita and Katrina days, the Trade was halted as RBOB losses pushed over 25 cents.  At the close, Crude tumbled $5.67 to $98.21, HEAT lost .1029 to $2.8983 and RBOB  lost and astounding .2569 to $3.1228.   At the end of the day, most were looking at demand figures that showed drops across all products, furthering the notion that Americans are either unwilling or unable to support retail fuel over $4 per gallon.   

heat chart
                 CLOSE       CHANGE 
JUN    31228       -.2569
JUL    30417       -.2121
AUG    29778        -.1800
SEP    29331       -.1567
OCT     27755       -.1373
NOV    27405      -.1330
          CLOSE    CHANGE
JUN    28983      -.1029
JUL    29123      -.1022
AUG    29262      -.1018
SEP     29426      -.1011
OCT    29587       -.1003
NOV   29740       -.1006
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