Winter Additive Options

Posted by John Presti on Oct 25, 2013 2:55:00 AM

It's getting cold out there! 
Now is a good time to revisit the topic of winter fuel and fuel additives. Very few things are more critical than ensuring your fleets winter operability.
There are a lot of options out there, from Kero blending to different types of Additives. We've seen a lot of people have loyalty to the Valvtect Diesel Guard Winter Additive. The video below gives you a good amount of info on the product - if you're weighing out additive options for the winter season, it's worth a look. 
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Lubricants News: Don't Let the Cold Slow You Down

Posted by John Presti on Mar 1, 2013 2:06:00 PM

Don't let the cold slow you down


We all know that icing is one of the major causes of cold temperature fuel-related problems. As it gets colder, ice crystals begin to form in diesel fuel that contains about 500 ppm of water. In cold weather, diesel fuel is also prone to gelling, the solidification of diesel fuel into a partially crystalline state. These solidified waxes thicken the fuel, and then clog the fuel filters, causing the engine to stop running.



A highly concentrated multifunctional winter diesel additive for individual vehicle treatment.


Contains wax crystal modifier and deicer to help prevent gelling and icing in ULSD and biodiesel blends up to 5%.


Anti-Gel Deicer bottle

* Multifunctional detergent to keep injectors clean

* Lubricity improver, corrosion inhibitor, stabilizer and cetane improver to help improve cold starts

* Reduces Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP)

* Reduces Pour Point

* Highly concentrated for easy storage and handling

* One quart treats 250 gallons

* 12-1 qt. bottles per case



D-Thaw gets gelled fuel moving again. Reliquifies gelled diesel fuel and de-ices frozen fuel filters - the two most common causes for winter fuel problems. The most effective product to reliquify gelled diesel fuel and de-ice frozen filters.

O-Thaw bottle 

* Non-alcohol formula

* Add directly to frozen fuel filter to melt ice and wax

* Will absorb 1/3 cup of water for every quart of D-Thaw

* One quart treats 50 gallons of fuel in a "gelled-up" emergency

* Resolves any gelling diesel fuel in tanks during the cold winter months

 Diesel Gaurd logo

Dennis K. Burke offers a full line of ValvTect Diesel Guard products.


We are participating in a Valvtect Rebate Program now through July 31 2013. For info on the rebate program, click the following link:





Dennis K. Burke offers both clear and dyed kerosene in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. Every 10% of kerosene blended with diesel fuel lowers the cloud point about three degrees.

We carry clear kerosene for winter blending in on-road vehicles, dyed kerosene (non-taxable) for winter blending in off-road vehicles, as well as heaters requiring a K-1 Kerosene.

You can also purchase dyed kerosene at the pump from our gas station located at 410 Beacham Street in Chelsea, or, if you have a jobsite or location running kero we can deliver in for you.  


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November Lube News - Valvtect Diesel Guard Tank Maintenance

Posted by John Presti on Nov 1, 2012 10:56:00 AM

Pre-Winter Tank Maintenance Program

Up to 50% of all winter diesel vehicle breakdowns can be attributed to water and bacteria (bugs) being pumped from the main diesel storage tank into the vehicle. This can cause plugged fuel filters, equipment downtime and lost revenue.


diesel guard tank diagram



The ValvTect Diesel Guard three-step pre-winter tank maintenance program is designed to keep your fleet up and running this winter by safely removing the two biggest causes of winter shutdowns; water (ice crystals) and bacteria.




Over time, water builds up in diesel storage tanks creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Even when entrained in a vehicle's diesel fuel, water will begin to freeze when the fuel temperature reaches 32º F., forming ice crystals that can plug fuel filters. First, pump out and properly disposed of excess water in your diesel storage tanks.




After pumping, any remaining water is removed by treating the next two or three diesel fuel deliveries with Diesel Guard Tank Dri, a water dispersant and freeze point depressant. Diesel Guard Tank Dri is a non-alcohol water dispersant and deicer, formulated to safely remove a controlled amount of water from the diesel fuel's storage tank.

* Safely Removes Moisture

* Reduces the Freeze Point of Water

* Non-Alcohol and Non-Flammable

* One Gallon Treats 7,500 Gallons of Diesel Fuel

diesel guard tank dri




Once all water is removed, "shock" treat the tank with BioGuard Micro-Biocide to kill bacteria and other bio-contamination. BioGuard is the industry's most effective biocide. Spare fuel dispenser filters should be on site to filter out dead bacteria after BioGuard treatment.

* Kills Bacteria and Algae

* Fast Acting

* Ultra Low Sulfur Compliant

* One Gallon Treats 2,500 Gallons of Diesel Fuel

diesel guard biocide


*Dennis K. Burke offers a full line of ValvTect Diesel Guard products.*

diesel guard logo

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Additives are Our Friends!

Posted by John Presti on Jul 10, 2012 7:58:00 AM

ADDTIVES are our friends!

LETS FIGHT THOSE NASTY ETHANOL ISSUES!!!!!  The only answer is Valvtect . . .If you have a gas tank and you’re a  golf course, marina and/or landscaper, you should keep a few cases of this on hand, NO DOUBT!  Check out “YouTube” to see what happens when you do not use a great additive like Valvtect.  DKB sale price on this is $67.99, good till 8/31/2012.

The video below has some good general info on how Valvtect works and why you should use it!

Would you like to have ZERO emissions from your diesel vehicles?  Then you should be using Diesel Kleen from Power Service.  Power Service are the diesel additive experts for well over 30 years!  As the cleansing  takes place with Diesel Kleen , you can also get up to 4 number increase on your cetane boost.  DKB carries this in 32 oz cases (12 in each) and 55-gallon drums.  This is perfect in any off and on road applications. 

For a spec sheet on Diesel Kleen - click here 

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