Additives are Our Friends!

Posted by John Presti on Jul 10, 2012 7:58:00 AM

ADDTIVES are our friends!

LETS FIGHT THOSE NASTY ETHANOL ISSUES!!!!!  The only answer is Valvtect . . .If you have a gas tank and you’re a  golf course, marina and/or landscaper, you should keep a few cases of this on hand, NO DOUBT!  Check out “YouTube” to see what happens when you do not use a great additive like Valvtect.  DKB sale price on this is $67.99, good till 8/31/2012.

The video below has some good general info on how Valvtect works and why you should use it!

Would you like to have ZERO emissions from your diesel vehicles?  Then you should be using Diesel Kleen from Power Service.  Power Service are the diesel additive experts for well over 30 years!  As the cleansing  takes place with Diesel Kleen , you can also get up to 4 number increase on your cetane boost.  DKB carries this in 32 oz cases (12 in each) and 55-gallon drums.  This is perfect in any off and on road applications. 

For a spec sheet on Diesel Kleen - click here 

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Hi I'm Jerry Nessenson, President and Founder of ValvTect Petroleum. ValvTect is the nation's largest manufacturer and supplier of fuel additives to gasoline and diesel fuel distributors. Every ValvTect product contains the same fuel additive technology and every refinery in the world and every engine manufacturer in the world approves us.

ValvTect Marine Gasoline and ValvTect Marine Diesel, like those sold at this marina, are the only fuels and fuel additives that are specially formulated for marine engines and harsh marine operating conditions. ValvTect ethanol gasoline treatment is the best solution to solve ethanol and all gasoline related problems. It includes a fuel stabilizer to keep ethanol gasoline and non-ethanol gasoline stable for up to a year, a moisture dispersant that keeps moisture in suspension and helps prevent face separation, a premium gasoline detergent to clean up and prevent deposits to improve engine performance, reduce exhaust emissions and can reduce fuel consumption up to two to five percent.

ValvTect ethanol gasoline treatment will allow you to use ethanol gasoline without the fear of the problems as long as you properly maintain your fuel system.

BioGuard Plus 6 is a new multifunctional biocider. It's the only product in the United States the combines a biocide with six other components to prevent all problems caused by the new ultralow sulfer diesel fuel which causes more bacteria, is very unstable - almost like ethanol, causes plug fuel filters, corrosion and premature injector and pump wear.

For tanks that are contaminated with bacteria, use BioGuard MicroBioside at the recommended treatment.

ValvTect Octane Boost is an EPA registered, safe to use, active improver that includes MMT, which is used by virtually all refineries to increase gasoline octane.

So in order to enjoy your boating your boat's engine really has to run well. ValvTect Marine Fuel Additives and ValvTect Marine Fuels are the only fuels and fuel additives that are specially formulated for heavy duty marine engines. They can prevent fuel related problems and can allow you to get the most out of your marine engines and the most enjoyment of your boating experience.

Thank you. Have fun on the water. And please be safe.