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Dennis K Burke Inc offers gasoline, distillates, and biofuels to customers from eastern New York through northern Maine, including the following product options:

                                               Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil

                                               Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel




Our network of terminal locations, competitive pricing, and market update options allow your company to manage cost, inventory, and product usage while concurrently ensuring timely, safe, delivery or loading availability at a competitive price.

Commercial Fuel Accounts are serviced by our staff of hazmat trained, professional drivers who deliver on time, every time, in a safe and customer focused fashion.

Wholesale Fuel accounts are able to utilize our wide network of terminal options and banked supply throughout the region to optimize load timing and better serve their own customers at competitive prices. 

Both Commercial & Wholesale companies can take advantage of our supply capabilities and their fuel budgets by utilizing our Hedging & Price Management tools. 

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