Dennis K. Burke, Inc. offers a variety of solutions for your inventory and product management needs. From market updates, to remote tank monitoring and automatic delivery scheduling, Dennis K. Burke has the solutions to your fuel budgeting needs.

Dennis K. Burke, Inc. runs remote tank monitoring to constantly monitor your inventory levels and automatically schedule deliveries, to ensure you always have adequate product on hand and allowing you to spend your time focusing on your business, instead of your inventory.

Remote Tank Monitoring

  • remote tank monitoring system allows our dispatch office to assess your fuel levels automatically, preventing you from spending time dealing with run outs and ordering product. (To learn more about tank monitoring, click here)

Automatic Delivery

  • Dennis K. Burke offers automatic delivery scheduling options for commercial and municipal fuel customers, saving you time and ensuring adequate product levels. We also offer automatic delivery scheduling for bulk lube customers.

Wholesale Contracts

  • Dennis K. Burke has terminal locations from Portland, Maine to New Haven, Connecticut, to accommodate your wholesale needs. We offer rack pricing or fixed price contracting on wholesale gallons.

Commercial Contracts

  • Dennis K. Burke delivers throughout the Northeast, flexible contract options allow you to lock in the best price possible for all your locations. 

Burkeoil DTN Exchange

  • Dennis K. Burke also runs an exchange where you can bid on and purchase contracts based on real-time nymex numbers. 
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