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Waste Advantage Magazine Mar 2015: "Bio-Based Lubricants, An Environmental Solution for Refuse Hauling" (Case Study on BioBlend supplied by Dennis K Burke to Charles George Companies) 

Renegade Racing Blog Article: Dennis K Burke Scores Big at World of Wheels Boston

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Dennis K Burke Joins PQIA  DKB joined the Petroleum Quality Institute of America to support the testing and integrity of lubricant products

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HazardousCargo.com Nov 2013:  "Early Adapter" - discussing Biofuel & DEF early adaptation by Dennis K Burke and the role Blackmer pumps played in success

Blackmer Case Study Sep 2013:  "When Failure is Not an Option. Dennis K Burke Hits the Height of Fuel Delivery in New England with the Assistance of Blackmer TDX Series Sliding Vane Pumps"

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PR Newswire November 2012: "Burke Oil Aids FEMA in Storm Restoration"

Our Safety Director Matt Quoted in the Christian Science Monitor Sep 2012 - Talking about Safety Precautions in the US that prevent catastrophic Tanker Crashes like we saw in Saudi Arabia this month

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