Dennis K. Burke, Inc’s Wholesale Fuels division offers secure and reliable supply options for your product needs throughout the Northeast, including gasoline, distillates, and biofuels. 

We offer nightly rack pricing emails to all customers, so you can plan ahead and make the decisions you need to based on market conditions. 

Recent years have seen some of the most volatile price fluctuations in recent history. Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with real time market intelligence, and a variety of pricing terms and purchasing options beyond simple daily rack posting, allowing you to better manage your fuel costs despite market variability.

These options include fixed pricing contracts on variable gallon amounts, as well as fixed or floating differentials, NYMEX triggers, and variable price lock options. 

In addition to personalized help from our Pricing Desk, you can purchase prompts & fixed forward contracts on our online exchange.

Our terminal options are on this map (zoom for detail)