Two fueling trucks being filled upDennis K. Burke, Inc’s Wholesale Fuels division offers secure and reliable supply options for all your product needs throughout the Northeast, including gasoline, distillates, and a full line of alternative and Biofuels.

Recent years have seen the most volatile price fluctuations in recent history. Our knowledgeable Pricing Desk staff can provide you with real time market intelligence, and a variety of pricing terms and purchasing options beyond simple daily rack posting, allowing you to better manage your fuel costs despite market variability.

Purchasing options include full fixed, fixed or floating differentials, and Nymex triggers.

Dennis K. Burke offers fixed pricing contracts on variable gallon amounts to fit your product needs, as well as rack pricing options. We also offer flexible price options in the form of Quick Pay discounts.

Our Pricing Desk Office can give you personal, up to the minute market updates to allow you to purchase product or lock in pricing at the best and most current possible price.

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