Dennis K. Burke, Inc. is proud to supply your Biodiesel needs throughout the Northeast, from at-the-pump personal vehicle sales to fueling municipalities and fleets.

Biodiesel is fuel made primarily from soybean oil or restaurant grease/ vegetable oil. It is commonly retailed in blends of B5 (5% bio, 95% diesel) or B20 (20% bio, 80% diesel).

Increasingly, cities and states are requiring biodiesel blends for municipal vehicles. Additionally, several sates offer tax incentives for the use of Biodiesel or Bioheat.

Dennis K Burke has a 15 plus year history of working with Biodiesel. We were the first retail outlet to sell biodiesel at the pump within 100 miles of Boston. Additionally, we have held the Massachusetts Biodiesel contract for several years, and supply additional Biodiesel and BioHeat customers all over New England. When it comes to logistics on Biodiesel, nobody beats Burke.

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