Dennis K Burke, Inc understands how important it is that your supply of heating oil not be disrupted, especially during your peak season, when customers are relying on you for their heating needs. 

For this reason, we bank higher supply for the winter months so your company can rely on Dennis K Burke and your customers can rely on you to fill their supply needs.

Ultra Low Sulfur Heat is available at the rack throughout our terminal network (You can view a map of our terminal supply positions here) and delivered in gallons for your bulk storage tanks are available throughout the region as well. 

If you are a wholesaler or oil dealer, we also run an exchange with bidding on real time NYMEX prices, so you can lock in your pricing in on quantities from 2500 to 42,000 gallons (in 100g increments) on 3 day prompt, or you can lock fixed forward contracts by month (5,000g minimum quantity).

To find out more about the Exchange, click here: Burkeoil Exchange 

For more information on Heating Oil from Dennis K Burke, our Exchange, or to place an order - fill out the contact form to the right, or call us 1-800-289-2875

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(Who says work is SNOW fun? Having fun helping the NY DOT dig out in 2015)