Markets Up on Ukraine Tensions, Inventory Projections, and Chinese Economic Data

Posted by Kelly Burke on Apr 16, 2014 11:14:35 AM

World map with Ukraine and Russia highlighted

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Deja Vu - global oil prices are again creeping higher on increasing friction on the Ukraine-Russia standoff, projected inventory numbers, and Chinese economic numbers suggesting slower growth than anticipated. Didn't we just go through this two weeks ago??

Brent CRUDE hit over $110 Tuesday for the first time since March 4th on increasing concern over long term energy supply impacts of the mounting Ukrainian situation, and concerns of potential Western (US) interventions. Tuesday saw Ukranian troops clash with Russians at an occupied airport in Kramatorsk, about 100 miles from the Russian border - the first armed clash thus far in the ongoing power struggle. Tuesday also saw Ukranian troops headed toward the Russian border, counter to the tens of thousands of Russian troops reportedly stationed there. Concerns over potential Western response pushed stock markets lower, including the German DAX and Russian MICEX and pushed Brent and WTI prices up, with Brent hitting $110 as we mentioned, and WTI gaining to as much as 104.99 ahead of Inventory numbers due out later today. 

The primary cited reason for the jumps is the escalations in the Ukraine, but Chinese Economic data is also looking weaker than projected, with economic expansion numbers clocking in at the lowest we've seen in 6 quarters and falling short of the governments stated target of 7.5% growth. On the bright side, the Hariga port in Libya loaded for the first time in July when it was seized and shut down by rebels. 

Domestically, US inventories on gas are projected to show draws of up to 1.75 mb in Bloomberg estimates, while CRUDE is expected to show builds, and distillates are projected to be largely stable. It will be interesting to see how pricing plays out if the EIA report pulls the rug out from under the analysts like it did the last week of March.

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Winter's arrival keeps prices higher

Posted by Mark Pszeniczny on Dec 21, 2010 9:59:00 PM

You know winter has arrived when it takes over 3 hours to travel 50 miles on the Mass Pike.  The cold snap and glancing blow of a Nor’easter to the New England area had buyers out today.  Looming out on the horizon is another round of Inventory stats that are expected to be a mirror image of the last two weeks, draws in Crude and small builds in products.  While it is tough to distinguish between Holiday exuberance or a real change in sentiment, many out there are pointing to signs of a better economic picture.  How that has changed in only two weeks, I have no idea.  With the large Hovensa refinery attempted to be restarted, this has also attributed to the higher close.  Crude settled at $89.82 up .45 (again just shy of the $90 mark that has held all year)  RBOB added .0207 to $2.3985 and HEAT added .0269 to $2.5164.  With a short week for most and the Inventory report tomorrow we should expect a volatile session or two ahead of us.

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Supplies rise and so does NYMEX??

Posted by Mark Pszeniczny on Apr 21, 2010 8:05:00 PM

After last nights wildly bullish API report that had all products showing healthy draws, we were expecting the worse this morning. As DOE’s broke and showed builds across the board, the very bearish report did little to curb the enthusiasm of players. Initial reaction had all the pits shed early gains and prior to the lunch hour most were trading in the red. It was truly an odd day as investors appear to be looking at gasoline demand and how that will affect summer pricing. Psychologically, with MAY Crude falling off the board today, it firmly puts in our heads that summer is here. How much of todays move on HEAT was attributed to European flights resuming remains to be seen. At the Close, JUN Crude fell .17 to $83.68, RBOB added .0018 to $2.2827 and HEAT showed the most strength adding .0256 to $2.2058. However bizarre today was, I would have to think that if there was a little more time in the day all products would have closed negative. Outside influences have overtaken fundamentals currently and when that happens, we usually see a breakout in one direction or the other.


Crude +1.894

Gasoline +3.587

Distillates +2.096

Utilization 0.3%

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