CVSA's Annual Roadcheck is This Week!

agent inspecting a truck on the side of the road

Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) holds a weeklong International “Road Check” to both remind us all of how crucial safe driving and regulatory compliance is in the trucking industry, and to dial in on a topic with roadside stops to get a picture of the level of compliance nationwide, as well as removing from service vehicles or drivers in violation. Each year, the CVSA focuses on a specific topic or portion of regulations. This year, Road Check will take place from May 14-16th in the US, and the focus topics are Tractor Protection Systems, and Controlled Substances. 

Tractor Control Systems will focus on tractor protection valves, trailer supply valves, and anti-bleed back valves. According to the CVSA, items like these are often skipped or missed in pre/post trip inspections because of how much time and effort they can take to properly inspect. This is the type of topic that Road Check usually focuses on, but they have added Controlled Substances to this years’ stop topic to highlight the importance of both having a controlled substance policy in place and managing strict adherence to it by personnel.

As we’ve discussed previously, the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) instituted a “clearinghouse” or online database of CDL drug & alcohol violations, as well as if drivers have completed all required steps of the return-to-duty process in order to return to work legally after a violation. The emphasis in this years Road Check on confirming Controlled Substance regulations are followed, as well as that operators are aware of the rules around substances and reporting should serve as a good reminder of how important Controlled Substance policies and compliance are for safe driving.

If you're curious, this is the link to read the official announcement from the CVSA: CVSA's International Roadcheck is Scheduled for May 14-16th 

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