Technology Offers Fuel Dealers a Competitive Edge

A lot has changed in the world over the past 50 years and in no area is this more apparent than technology. Its amazing to look back and think "how did we do this 25 years ago?"  - how did we adapt to computers, ipads, tweeting our every move.. Keeping up on technology is such a constant process its tempting to think of it as automatic. But is it really? Are we really optimizing our results and efficiency through technology?

We recently launched a new financial & accounting system and its really amazing to think that all the automated data feeds, customer tracking, alerts, and resource planning we now tend to view as standard were really akin to the flying car even just a decade ago.

I wrote a short article for Oil & Energy Magazine recently reflecting on these issues and how we've specifically addressed them at Dennis K Burke.  

You can read it at  As a bonus, the companion page has a great article on biodiesel at Weaver Energy

Or, its in PDF form here: Technology Offers Fuel Dealers a Competitive Edge 


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