Want Safer Drivers? There's an App for that.


We talked before about how we instituted a driving policy in 2010 that specifically prohibits drivers from using cell phones or any other devices while driving (you can read that policy here if you want: Dennis K Burke Distracted Driving Policy) in a nutshell, we have drivers call in prior to leaving their dispatched site for updates on loading instructions, next stops, etc, rather than answering dispatch or other calls while driving, loading, or delivering. 

The problem was, how could you know for sure someone wasn't using the phone? And what about the scores of sales people and others in company vehicles, how could we know for sure they were adhering to what we think is a critically important safety policy?

Good news.Turns out that "There's an app for that". 

The one we chose uses GPS to determine when the vehicle is in motion, and blocks the ability to text, email or use the phone until the vehicle is stopped. Pretty cool, right? 

You can read more about the app and why we chose to go with this method instead of hands-free devices or other options in Ed's September article for Oil & Energy here: Lock Down Phones Ensure Compliance

What do you guys think about locking down devices, or what policies or changes have you made that have helped reduce distractions for your drivers?

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