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Hurricane Sandy

Burke Oil Aids FEMA in Storm Restoration

Almost two weeks after Superstorm Sandy slammed the East Coast, Massachusetts fuel distributor Dennis K. Burke, Inc. continues sending fuel and resources to assist in FEMA relief efforts in the storm devastated areas of New York and New Jersey.

Adding insult to injury, a second major storm brought whipping winds and record snowfalls, hampering utility workers and adding another 200,000 to the 550,000 homes left without power.

Initially, Burke started sending fuel trucks to support the utility trucks traveling to some of the worst hit areas of New York. Two days after the storm, Burke sent five more trailers of fuel to join the caravans of utility trucks heading towards New York.

Just as the fuel distributor’s trucks were arriving in New York, FEMA officials were asking Burke if they could help by bringing in fuel for the army of emergency vehicles that were brought in to help with the recovery. The fuel dealer has been sending several trucks to New York and New Jersey every day since.

Dennis K Burke refueling trucks in a convoy

Burke has decades of working with utility companies in rough weather. During bad storms, the fuel company often sends trucks to fuel the utility trucks and tree-cutter’s trucks while they’re parked and out of service.

The company also offers its customers an emergency generator program, where they check the generator’s fuel status and guaranteeing emergency fuel deliveries in the New England area.

Dennis K. Burke, Inc. is one of New England’s leading suppliers of diesel fuel, gasoline and motor oil products. Burke supplies fuel customers in ten states, with terminal positions in eight states, across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.

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New England braces for "Frankenstorm" - Is your Generator Ready?

As New England starts preparing for Hurricane Sandy’s expected landfall, don’t forget to make sure your generator is ready for the impact.  The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is predicting significant impacts to Massachusetts from the storm including downed powerlines, associated blackouts, and coastal flooding. (If you remember, in 2011, thousands of Mass residents went without power for several days after a freak October storm that downed powerlines.)  Experts are predicting up to a billion dollars of damage could result from the storm – to put that in perspective, “The Perfect Storm” that hit the East Coast in 1991 caused 200 million in damages.

Don’t roll the dice on this happening to you or your business.  A fueled up, properly operating generator is absolutely essential to ensure staff safety, protect crucial computer data, and keep your business’ critical operations from grinding to a halt.

Dennis K Burke is standing by, on call, to handle your generator fuel needs. We are on call 24-7-365 and run a full staff of drivers 7 days a week to ensure that your fuel needs are met. No matter what the emergency – we’ve got you covered.

We would also like to remind you that we have an Emergency Generator Fueling Program to ensure that a key part of your reliability plan for backup power is not overlooked going forward.

On this program, when the power is out, we guarantee fuel deliveries to keep your generator operating until the power outage is resolved, regardless of how long that might take. We have the fuel storage, the trucks, and the manpower to back it up.

To place an order for your generator, or to find out more about the program call us at 617-884-7800, or email us at Any one of our dedicated, professional staff members can assist you.

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