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You've got questions? We've got LIVE answers!

Posted by John Presti on Mar 12, 2012 11:56:00 AM

"Dial 3 to place an order..." Doesnt that drive you crazy?

Dennis K Burke has always, and will continue to seperate ourselves from our competition. One way we do this is with our customer service staff - Call 1-800-BUY-BURKE any time and you will ALWAYS get a friendly, live voice on the other end of the line. How many times do you call places and it takes numerous prompts, numerous number selections, just to speak to someone? Not here. Every call is picked up by the third ring by a trained staff member.


We are a knowlegeable and dedicated staff. Let us assist you in placing an order, answering your fuel or lubricant questions, explaining company programs, discussing market trends - any information you need is readily available.

Ensuring you have the right product for the job can be difficult in todays landscape of ever changing specs, technical requirements, technological advances, and tighter budgets. One of the most talked about items currently is DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). This is a growing part of our business, and we are stiving to become a leader in this new technology that will help reduce diesel emissions - if youve got DEF questions: We've got the answers. (You can also get an explanation of DEF, why its being mandated, and what exactly all this SCR Technology is by clicking here )


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The Weather outside is frightful! Is your fleet ready?

Posted by John Presti on Jan 3, 2012 3:37:00 PM

Hey, where’s the snow? And where is the cold New England weather? This time last year, it seems a week didn’t go by without dumping a foot or two of snow.

Is your fleet ready for winter? 

Preparation is very important during the winter months. Our fleets have to be running as efficiently in the winter as they do in the summer. Checking tire pressures, double-checking your walk arounds, and keeping your windshield wash full, are all key steps in starting to have a safe day.

 What about fuel additives? If you’re not buying winterized diesel, you might want to keep plenty of anti-gel (pro­active) and thaw fluid (re-active) in your inventory for any freeze-ups that could occur. You should always check with your fuel provider what the fuel’s cloud point is at the time of purchase.


Key Terms for Winter Fuel

 Cloud point

All diesel fuel and heating oil contain wax, which contributes to the fuel's lubricity characteristics.

 Cloud Point is the temperature at which wax crystals in the fuel begin to form. The fuel becomes visually cloudy.



Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) is the temperature at which wax crystals in the fuel will start plugging up a fuel filter.

Pour Point

Pour Point is the temperature at which the fuel starts to become a semi-solid and loses its ability to flow or pour.


Dennis K Burke is one of the leading distributors for winterized products, such as kerosene, fuel additives, cold-weather hydraulic oil, and windshield wash. Need help choosing the right product? Contact me at (857) 241-9678 or



From Our Staff to Yours . . .

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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Oil Eater Truck Wash and Degreaser on Special - Money Back Guarantee

Posted by John Presti on Oct 26, 2011 10:53:00 AM

We're happy to announce that from now til December 31 2011 (while supplies last), Oil Eater Degreaser and Truck Wash is on sale! Oil Eater is readily biodegradable, non toxic, and works great! You can use Oil Eater for almost ANYTHING from parts cleaner to cleaning your shop uniforms after work. The special is for degreaser and truck wash, but we carry a full line of Oil Eater products from sorbent pads and booms to truck wash.  Best of all, if youre unsatisfied with the products performance, you can return the unused portion for a refund. What have you got to lose?

For more info on Oil Eater and to view the pricing specials, click here!

Oil Eater Products

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