Dennis K Burke's delivery operation is fully upgraded & integrated.

At Dennis K Burke, we've transformed our delivery operations into a model of modern efficiency and customer convenience. Our cutting-edge system dispatches fuel orders directly to our drivers' tablets, ensuring a safe, seamless experience that eliminates the need for cell phones. This innovation not only enhances safety but also streamlines the delivery process, allowing our drivers to focus fully on the task at hand without distractions.

Moreover, we've embraced a completely touch-free approach on the customer side, eliminating the need for physical delivery slips or any paperwork to sign. This step into the future of delivery services not only reduces the potential for lost paperwork and missing slips, but also speeds up the entire process, making it more convenient for you, our valued customer.

In an effort to further streamline our operations and ensure your peace of mind, we've implemented a state-of-the-art remote monitoring system for fuel tanks. This system automatically notifies us when fuel levels hit predetermined thresholds, triggering a dispatch without the need for manual checks. This means your fuel supply is continuously monitored and replenished, ensuring you never run low when you need it most.

Our trucks are not only the backbone of our delivery fleet but are also equipped with the latest GPS technology. This allows our dispatch team to direct our drivers along the most efficient routes, significantly reducing delivery times. By optimizing our routing, we not only increase our operational efficiency but also ensure that you receive your order in the quickest, safest manner possible.

Additionally, we provide access to a customer portal where you can view delivery history, invoices, and usage reporting from anywhere. 

Together, these advancements represent our commitment to providing an unparalleled service experience.

At Dennis K Burke, we're not just delivering fuel; we're delivering peace of mind, efficiency, and a commitment to innovation that sets us apart.