Enhancing Efficiency Saves in the Long Term: Petro-Canada Lubricants

Dennis K Burke Petro-Canada Lubricants

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting with Petro-Canada to discuss the benefits of their Duron line of Heavy Duty engine oils. There are a lot of resources available that we thought might be helpful for fleet managers and operators, so we are going to share some of the tools and info below and hopefully its helpful as you are looking at the numbers for your fleet and deciding on products and service intervals.

A large part of the group discussion centered around how using a premium engine oils can benefit end users ultimately by offering superior engine protection that extends the life of your equipment, extending drain intervals to keep your equipment operational a higher percentage of the time (versus downtime in the shop) and improving fuel efficiency, which both lessens non-work time spent fueling, and has a real measurable impact to your budget. There is a calculator available here :  Petro-Canada Duron Calculator that can give you an overview on fuel cost and idle time savings. If you would like to factor more variables in, give us a shout we have a scaled up version we can run through with you.

One of the interesting takeaways for me personally was discussing how too often we get caught up in the per gallon variances among lubricants themselves, where taking a minute to zoom out and consider all of the factors involved, the numbers work out differently. When we are talking about equipment that has landed costs in the hundreds of thousands, and consider that fuel costs are generally a huge variable line item for equipment operators, it really does seem like the longer term numbers make a little more sense to focus on, versus the order to order amounts on particular products.

One of the other resources to work with the calculator that maps out what products best optimized efficiency for different equipment tied to schematics of that equipment, which was helpful to look at for us. You can find those schematics here: Equipment Schematics

Hopefully these resources will be helpful to you. As always, if you have questions or would like to go more in depth on any of the products, feel free to reach out to us.

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