Safety First

Dennis K. Burke is proud of its safety record. One of the many ways our Company is proactive about safety is a regularly scheduled safety meeting. For over 20 years employees have been meeting monthly to discuss all aspects of safety and receive training on all new and current regulations. Our full time Safety Director conducts these meetings and provides training on a wide variety of topics such as general safety awareness, hazardous materials training, HAZ-WOPPER and function specific training.

The Safety Director also analyzes incidents that have occurred and, where appropriate, implements changes to reduce the chances of another similar event. We even maintain a “problem fills” program to ensure that all drivers have access to information at individual accounts that will allow for a safe delivery. The Safety Director also works with our clients to resolve any issues from a problem fill.

Dennis K. Burke also has a recognition system, awarding our “Road Scholars” with cash bonuses for each year of safe driving.

Our Safety Director reviews regulatory and industrial practice standards to ensure that our company is up-to-date, or ahead of what the law and best practices dictate. An example of the kind of improvement this focus on safety leads to is Dennis K, Burke, Inc.’s retrofitting of older trailers with reflective stripping to increase nighttime visibility and reduce accidents, years before the law required such measures.

The training program at Dennis K. Burke, Inc. is among the best in the industry. All new drivers are required to go through a vigorous training program. Our designated driver trainers spend a minimum of three full weeks with all new drivers going over all aspects of safety, regulations and petroleum delivery. All these new driver-training elements are included in our New Driver Training Manual.

Safety doesn’t stop with our drivers. We make sure our Safety Director trains all our forklift operators as well. We also make sure our office staff completes courses on office safety, office ergonomics, fire prevention safety, etc. Additionally, over the years, we have hired various safety consultants to help us develop and implement the best safety practices throughout the company.

At Dennis K. Burke, Inc. safety for our employees and customers always comes first.