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Fleet, supply, and experience.


At the heart of Dennis K. Burke's exceptional service lies a fleet of impeccably maintained, metered trucks renowned for their reliability and precision. This isn't just about transport; it's about a steadfast commitment to ensuring your operations never skip a beat, especially when resources are scarce. Our fleet's sterling reputation for punctual deliveries is no accident. It's the result of rigorous planning, with a keen eye on supply levels and a proactive strategy to bolster fuel inventories during the winter months. This meticulous approach guarantees that our customers face no interruptions, even in the face of unexpected shortages.

For over five decades, Burke has been more than just a supplier; we've been a pivotal part of our customers' success stories. Our journey reflects a dedication to excellence and a deep understanding of the evolving energy landscape. Trust in Burke comes not just from our longevity but from our forward-thinking adaptation to the needs of the industries we serve.

The comprehensive suite of services offered by Burke is designed to address every possible need, ensuring that our customers enjoy not only top-quality products but also unparalleled support. This includes round-the-clock emergency assistance, cutting-edge remote tank monitoring, and tailored generator programs, all aimed at providing seamless, worry-free operations. Our automatic delivery service takes convenience to the next level, while our specially equipped fueling fleet and highly skilled, hazmat-trained drivers underscore our commitment to safety and efficiency.

Choosing Dennis K. Burke means opting for a partner dedicated to delivering outstanding service and the highest quality products. With a track record that speaks volumes and a suite of services tailored to your needs, Burke stands unmatched in the industry.



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