Dennis K. Burke refueling truck parked on a beach road

Why should Dennis K. Burke be part of your supply picture?

Fleet, supply and experience.

 Dennis K Burke’s fleet of clean, metered trucks has a great reputation for   delivering on time –every time, even when supply is tight. During winter months we bank higher fuel inventories to cover any shortages and ensure continuous deliveries to our customers.

Burke has been delivering premium diesel, motor oil and gasoline for over 50 years. From delivering loads of heating oil to the latest in emissions and fuel technology – Burke is a name you can trust.

Burke’s wide range of services completes the picture – from 24-7 emergency service to remote tank monitoring, generator programs, and automatic delivery. Our specialty fueling fleet and hazmat trained drivers make Burke’s fuel transport services and attractive logistics solution.

When it comes to outstanding service and quality products… nobody does it better than Burke.

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