Dennis K Burke, Inc is proud to have completed a solar energy project in 2008 on the rooftop of our former headquarters in Chelsea MA.

Along with biodiesel and ethanol, solar energy is part of our commitment to renewable energy and to reducing our dependence on foreign oil -- at Dennis K Burke, we’re not just talking the talk!


>> TED BURKE: Hi, welcome to Dennis K. Burke's rooftop. As you can see behind me, we're in the process of completeing installation of 50 Kw solar photovoltaic system as part of our continued commitment to reduce dependence on foreign oil and increase the use of renewable fuels and energy sources. I am proud to be involved in this project.

>> BOB BADGER: We have 216 solar panels going in at 210 watts a piece. That will create a DC voltage of about 450 volts heading down inside of the building to an inverter which will covert the DC power into usable AC 3-phase power for this building. The excess will be fed back into the utility grid.

>> BOB BADGER: Not going to be intrusive on this building. Should have a 20 year lifespace without any trouble at all. 50 Kw you could easily power half-a-dozen homes, or 8 average homes without a problem. It's going to be a significant change in Burke's bill. This not going to be just a small portion of his power needs, this is going to meet the majority of his power needs.

>> ED BURKE: One small step for reducing America's dependence on foreign oil.