Dennis K. Burke, Inc was founded in 1961 by brothers Dennis and Ed Burke, who began a truck cleaning and fuel station business. Over time, in response to customer product needs, Burke’s product line increased to meet demand such that Dennis K. Burke, Inc now manages terminal positions throughout the Northeast, offering wholesale supply as well as managing its own fleet of drivers and equipment to supply commercial customers. We also run a lubricants division out of our Taunton Headquarters. If you need it for your fleet or commercial operation to run properly - we have it!

The fundamental focus on customer needs that has driven Dennis K. Burke’s success in the fuel industry has led us to be a pioneer in alternative fuel options. DKB was the first retailer to offer at-the-pump Biodiesel as well as E-85 ethanol gasoline in the State of Massachusetts. Ed Burke has been a pioneer for alternative energy in the Northeast – Dennis K. Burke is a founding member and lead sponsor of AltWheels, which focuses on alternatively fueled vehicles. Ed even testified to the US Senate regarding regulations on E-85 gasoline.

In the future Dennis K. Burke, Inc looks to continually increase our ability to meet customer demands by extending availability of both alternative and conventional fuel products in new markets as well as continually upgrading technology to streamline inventory management, real time pricing, billing, and increase overall customer satisfaction.