NYMEX Flips on EIA Data, Stocks Continue to Surge

Posted by Kelly Burke on Nov 5, 2014 3:33:09 PM

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Analysts predicted Crude would build in the neighborhood of 1.2million barrels for the week ending October 31. The market hung flat until the report's release at 10:30 this morning and initially jumped up after.

The EIA data showed builds of only 0.5 MMbbls on Crude and draws in all other products. Distillates were down 0.7MMbbls, and Gasoline was down 1.3MMbbls.

The Market jumped up over 3 cents at 11 after the report came out, but has since backed off significantly with ULSD hanging up relatively flat (.0025 - .0049 range) and gasoline hovering up almost 2 cents (.0187) for most of the early afternoon.

The Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 all surged into positive territory today. Historically, stocks tend to go up post Midterm elections as there generally is a lot of uncertainty leading up to them, and traders may have a clearer picture of what agenda items will be moved on and their results once the dust settles and the votes are cast.

Also, as we mentioned, the ADP report was good for October, which is always a positive.

The commodities price slide we've seen has hit the brakes on the newest EIA Inventory reporting, which is probably why the S&P isnt dropping on energy share prices. Exxon, Chevron and Shell are all trending up this afternoon.

At the close, ULSD settled out -.0040 to 2.4387, and gas settled up +.0087 to 2.0867. The Dow is set for a record close, the S&P is holding strongly positive and the Nasdaq is falling slightly. Crazy, crazy day on the markets!

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